December 2013

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: Frank Vanhie
Date: December 12, 2013
Location: Dican Offices, Burlington


Frank Vanhie: President
Jim Thompson: Past President
Mike Beattie: Vice President
Don Miller: Treasurer
Dave Sharp: Secretary
Ray Klochnyk: Municipal Director
Mike Fillion: Municipal Director
Mike Fortier: Municipal Director
Andre Boutin: Supplier Director
Noel Nagora: Supplier Director
Diane Shirchenko: Supplier Director
Jerry Rade: Training & Compliance Director (did not attend)
Clare Pomeroy: Field Trip Coordinator
Mike Born: Web Site Administrator
Yvonne Tindall: Guest (OPWA)

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 CVOR Challenge Update Provide update re Dec 17th teleconference Jerry On going To be reported at the next mtg
2 OPWA Group Yvonne Tindall and Mike Beattie to arrange meeting Mike B. By Next Meeting
Frank to contact Paul Smeltzer re joint agreement Frank By Next Meeting
3 MLT Mike Born to send event flyer, promotional letter and newsletter to balance of 6000 on list Mike Born Dec. 18th
4 MEOA News Letter Diane to procure quotes for printing costs Diane Next Meeting
5 Clothing Ray to order umbrellas and divot/ball markers Ray ASAP
6 Fall Field Trip Presentation Frank to prepare promotional field trip presentation for Spring Meeting Frank Prior to Spring Meeting
7 Spring Meeting Ray to provide Mike Beattie with comedian contacts Ray ASAP
Don to negotiate pricing with The Event Firm Don ASAP
Mike Beattie to contact Jim Guest re sponsorship Mike Beattie ASAP
Diane to continue investigating magazine ads and web crawlers Diane ASAP
Mike Beattie to contact Jane-Ann Newson Mike Beattie ASAP
8 Communication Plan Diane to complete edits & additions and forward to Dave Diane ASAP
9 GIC Frank to speak with Don regarding additional funds for GIC Frank Next Meeting
10 Fall Field Trip Clare investigating plant tours and sponsorship Clare Next Meeting
11 DCP Frank to speak with Jerry regarding update for next meeting Frank Next Meeting


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Frank Vanhie at 9:45 A.M. Frank and Ray presented the executive members with a gift in appreciation of service rendered to the association.
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the November 14th meeting were read and adopted

Motion to accept: Diane Shirchenko

Seconded: Mike Fortier, Carried

3) Treasurers Report Presented by Don Miller

Reconciled Bank Balance as of November 19th, 2013, $34,219.74

Current value of GIC approximately 10,900.

Event Summery,

Spring Meeting 977.88 profit

PD Day 5,381.01 profit

Fall Show 11,075.08 profit

Fall Field Trip 3,857.14 loss

Outstanding cheques as of November 19th, 2013, $851.31

Outstanding deposits Nil but there are still some outstanding receivables in the amount of approximately 3,220.75 that are currently being collected.

Current balance as of December 10, 2013, $35,993.82

Treasurers Report approved

Motion to accept: Jim Thompson

Seconded: Mike Beattie


4) CVent Reported by Mike Born

Mike advised that he has now worked out a way to handle the all in one registration with CVent. Members will be able to select all in one registration or will have the option to select individual events. Frank will draft an e mail that will be sent out to the members along with membership renewal after January 1st 2014. Mike also advised that he will be able to set up a floor plan for the fall trade show and that exhibiters will be able to select their booths. Exhibitors will then be assigned move in times for show set up.

5) CVOR Challenge Update Reported by Don Miller

Don advised that the consultant’s component has been released and that there will be a teleconference on December 17th with the coalition members to discuss. There is recognition that municipalities should receive special consideration and that this is the number one recommendation. Details are to be worked out.

6) MEOA/OPWA Joint Venture Reported by Mike Beattie & Yvonne Tindall

Discussion held regarding volunteers required for the 2014 APWA Congress in Toronto. Yvonne advised that they are looking for a total of 500 volunteers who would be compensated by the provision of free entry to the Congress show and sessions equal to the time volunteered. The MEOA has committed to providing 50 volunteers and if we are able to do this then the MEOA will be recognised as a bronze Congress sponsor. There is a variety of volunteer positions available and Yvonne will meet with Mike Beattie and provide him with volunteer registration forms. The MEOA/OPWA agreement is yet to be worked out and Yvonne will provide Frank with contact information for Paul Smeltzer who will be the OPWA contact on this.


7) MLT Reported by Frank Vanhie & Mike Born

Mike advised that the MEOA promotional letter & news letter have now been sent out to 800 contacts from the list with approximately 15-20 bounced back. Discussion and decision made to send out to the reaming contacts on the total list of approximately 6000. Diane advised that she has an existing quote for printing costs for the newsletter of approximately $1,700.00. Diane & Don will look for alternate quotes for printing 700 copies. The printed copies would be used for distribution at MEOA events and for MEOA promotion.

8) Newsletter Reported by Frank Vanhie

Frank advised that feedback on the newsletter received from the members has all been positive. Frank thanked Diane for all her hard work on the newsletter. Don Miller suggested that future issues of the news letter should have more content promoting upcoming MEOA events. Discussion held regarding the possibility of offering advertising in future issues but no decision was made. Yvonne will forward an article for inclusion in the March news letter regarding the Toronto APWA Congress. Mike Born will forward the newsletter and all in one flyer out to all 6000 contacts on the MLT list on December 18th. The March issue of the newsletter will include a reminder to the members to budget for MEOA events & membership fees. Decision was reached that hard copies of the news letter will not be mailed and that the news letter will be sent out by e mail only.

9) MEOA Promotional Merchandise Reported by Ray Klochnyk

Ray passed around watch samples and advised that 150 men’s & 10 woman’s watches have been ordered for the Spring Meeting. Ray showed a sample of a heavy duty umbrella, utility knife and divot/ ball marker tool. Motion was made to authorize Ray to proceed with purchase of 150 of the umbrellas and 150 of the divot/ball marker tool’s to pass out to registrants at the PD day.

Seconded by: Jim Thompson



10) 2013 Fall Show Thank You Letters Reported by Andre Boutin

Andre advised that the letters have been sent or are in the process of being sent out.


11) Communication Plan Reported by Diane Shirchenko

Diane circulated copy’s of the up dated communication plan for review. Discussion regarding plan and dates followed with edits and additional changes required. The June newsletter will be eliminated and there will be two per year, March 25th & October 25th. Diane will also add names for tasks to the list. It was agreed that in the future the communication plan will be sent out to the executive members along with the minutes. Diane will complete all the required revisions as discussed and forward to Dave to send out along with the minutes.

12) 2014 Spring Meeting Reported by Mike Beattie & Diane Shirchenko

Mike advised that he had found a comedian for entertainment & that the cost would be $5,000.00. Ray will provide Mike with contacts for other comedians that may be available at a lower cost and Mike will investigate. The sponsorship money that was offered by The City of Cambridge is currently on hold because of recent staff departures and potential changes. Mike has a quote from The Event Firm Inc. for the casino night at 2,700.00. Don Miller is going to negotiate with them for a lower price. Mike has spoken to NAPA regarding the possibility of sponsorship money in addition to the lunch that they will be providing NAPA is checking and will advise. The mayor of Cambridge has been confirmed to speak at the meeting. Frank advised that Jim Guest from Pride Bodies Inc. has expressed interest in sponsorship. Mike will contact him to discuss. Frank also advised that he had been contacted by Jane-Ann Newson from Trillium Municipal Supply who was inquiring as to how she could become a speaker at the meeting. Mike will contact Jane-Ann to discuss. Mike will be meeting with Toyota next month to discuss details. Frank has a contact for a potential presentation on Natural Gas he will forward to Mike & Diane and they will contact him. Diane advised that she had investigated some magazines for possible Spring Meeting promotional ads. Diane suggested that to be effective ads would have to be placed in at least two issues and that costs would vary depending on the magazine selected and the size of the ad. Diane also suggested that a lower cost alternative would be to place crawler ads on the magazine web sites that would cost in the range of 200.00 to 300.00. Diane will continue to investigate and will check municipal distribution numbers for the magazines under consideration.

13)2014 Fall Field Trip Reported by Clare Pomeroy

Clare advised that Monday September 29th has been established as a start date for the trip. Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th will be spent at the Case Tomahawk facility. Wednesday October 1st and Thursday October 2nd are open for plant tours etc. that are currently being worked on & Friday October the 3rd will be the return home day. Noel advised that Arras Industries would be interested in hosting the group for a plant tour. Clare advised that he has been contacted by Allteck and they are interested in hosting the group for a tour of their Wisconsin facility. Jim Anderson is checking in to flight costs for Clare and will advise. Clare is working on details & sponsorship and requests that if anyone has ideas that they forward them to him.

14) Changes To DCP Mike Fillion is interested in finding out how other municipalities are handling this and if they are going with outside audits or plan to do internal audits. Frank will talk to Jerry Rade regarding this and report at the next meeting. Don Miller suggested that this could be a possible communication item for the membership.
15) Spotlight Magazine Frank advised that the MEOA ad is booked for placement in the AORS Spotlight magazine. The ad will be same as last years with 2014 events.
16) Open Discussion No one had any additional new items to bring forward.
17) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 1:10

Motioned By: Diane Shirchenko, Seconded By: Mike Beattie

Next Meeting

Scheduled Date: January 16 Location: Brantford