March – 2016

Subject  MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Ray Klochnyk
Date March 17, 2016

City of London Operations Center, London



Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Ray Klochnyk President ü    
Mike Beattie Past President    ü
Rick Ellig Vice President ü   
Don Miller Treasurer    ü
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Mike Fortier Municipal Director    ü
Jim Thompson Municipal Director   ü  
Bill Barr Municipal Director ü  
Andre Boutin Supplier Director ü  
Lisa McClelland Supplier Director        ü
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing   ü  
Bill Greenhalgh Training & Compliance Director ü  
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Frank Vanhie Field Trip Assistant   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved
1 Audit Check if 3rd party audit is required Rick ? Deferred to end of year
    Don to contact BDO to ask for guidance on MEOA compliance regarding the new Act Don Miller ? Deferred to end of year
2 Newsletter  Review completed Newsletter    Ray & Diane ASAP  
    Send out newsletter Diane First of April  
3 Web Site Remove old minutes Diane ASAP  
6 2016 Spring Conference Send Scotia Center contract payment Don As arranged  
    Send spread sheet updates to Rick or Diane All As required  
    Complete duty list for executive & volunteers Bill ASAP  
    Send out sponsor packages Diane ASAP  
    Promote registration All Ongoing  
    Send show info to AORS association secretaries Mike F & Ray ASAP  
    Speaker plaques, tour plaques, outgoing executive plaques Frank As required  
    Attendee gift Ray As required  
    Bags Diane As required  
    Split up list & contact suppliers Andre & those delegated ASAP  
     Send hotel deadline email   ASAP  
    Split up members list & contact Frank & those delegated ASAP  
    Confirm menu choice All April Meeting  
    MEOA labelled wine Ray ASAP  
    Contact past presidents & offer special rate Frank ASAP  
    Balloons, banners & sponsor booth signs Diane ASAP  
    Event photographer Cameron ASAP  
    Arrange for volunteers Cameron ASAP  
    Volunteer & executive ID vests Ray ASAP  
    MEOA lanyards Diane ASAP  
    AORS & OPWA free booths   ASAP  
    Speaker Bio’s Diane ASAP  
    AV Rick ASAP  
    Contact media Diane & Jim ASAP  
7 Field Trip Locations Clare & Frank ASAP  






Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Ray Klochnyk at 9:32 A.M. Ray provided a update on Mike Fortier & his visit with him. Mike is in good spirits recovering well is hoping to attend the Spring Conference and is planning on be able to return to work at the end of May.      
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the February 18th., 2016 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Diane Shirchenko

Seconded: Rick Ellig,  Carried



3) Treasurers Report As Don Miller was unable to attend the meeting the report below is from his email dated March 14, 2016.

Current bank balance as of March 14th, 2016 $38,517.00

Cheques not yet deposited $7,711.10

Outstanding cheque # 064 to Oh Canada Eh $3,750.00

Pending payment for deposit to Scotia Centre $21,193.28


Estimated balance excluding Scotia Center deposit $42,478.00

Estimated balance including Scotia Center deposit $21,284.72 


4) Spring  Conference Rick provide a copy of the up to date event planner to the group for review. Communications are being emailed to members one sent out this week & one will be sent out in April.

Andre will split up the list of suppliers who normally exhibit but who have not yet signed up among executive members and they will phone the suppliers to promote the event and encourage them to book space. Those identified as potential sponsors shall also be contact & encouraged to participate in sponsoring the event.

Email to be sent to members advising them that the deadline for booking hotel rooms is April 4th.

Ray will provide Mike Fortier with the event promotional material and Mike will forward to the local Association Secretaries as listed in the AORS Spotlight Magazine for promotion of the event to their members.

Frank will split up the list of municipal members who normally attend but who have not yet signed up among executive members and they will phone the members to promote the event and encourage them to sign up & attend.   

Diane is arranging the after move in supplier reception at The Marriott. MEOA will provide the food and it will be a cash bar.

Diane is arranging The Meet & Greet. Snacks & food will be provided by the MEOA & one bar ticket for either beer or wine.

The bar for the show floor will be a cash bar.

Diane distributed a proposed menu for the Gala, Meet & Greet & Trade Show Lunch for review. Choices will be firmed up at the April meeting.

Ray is looking after the registration member hand out gift and is leaning toward a MEOA desk paper weight. Maximum value of the gift will be $30.00 each.

Ray will look after the MEOA labelled wine for spousal gifts & speaker gifts.

Frank will contact the past MEOA presidents and offer them a special registration rate that will be the same as the spousal rate.

MEOA 50th anniversary balloons to be purchased for the trade show floor and banners for the registration booth. The banners will include event sponsors logo’s.

Diane is working on signs for sponsors booths that will recognize the supplier as a sponsor & will also show the sponsorship level.

Cameron will look after finding a volunteer to be the event photographer.

Move in & registration volunteers are being arranged. Volunteers will also be required to direct people to registration and to cheek at doors for registration. Volunteers will wear traffic vests for identification. Cameron will look after arranging for the volunteers. Ray will look after vests for volunteers & executive members.

Diane will look after providing additional MEOA lanyards.

AORS & OPWA will be contacted & offered a no charge booth. In exchange for the no charge booth the OPWA will be asked to distribute show promotional material to their members.

Bill will prepare a draft duty list for the April executive meeting.

   Jim has made arrangements for the spousal tours but will need final numbers at the April meeting in order to firm up transportation arrangements.

Diane will complete the event agenda and speaker bio’s.

Rick is arranging for AV and the cost will be $961.00

For press coverage Diane will contact Municipal World, Infrastructure Magazine and The Equipment Journal and Jim will contact the local media see if they would cover the event. 

Frank will look after the plaques to present to suppliers who are providing the plant tours.        


5) Elections Replacements will be required for outgoing executive members Lisa McClelland & Mike Beattie. Executive to contact those who may be interested in standing for nomination. Frank will look after running the election at the Spring Conference & will look after the plaques for outgoing executive members. 
6) PD Day Ray has contacted the club & they now have a new contact for us to deal with. Ray will look after sorting out the contract price difference from original quoted price.
7) Newsletter The news letter is ready to be sent out & Diane will meet with Ray to review before sending.


8) Web Site Ongoing


7) Field Trip Noel from Cubex has suggested Swartz Sweepers near Atlanta Georgia as a location. Frank & Clare are investigating other possible locations in the same area & will provide a update at the April meeting. 
8) Action Items Please refer to notes above for all action items.


1) New Business No new business brought forward.


Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:20

Motioned By: Jim Thompson, Seconded By: Diane Shirchenko, Carried





Next Meeting
Scheduled Date April 14, 2016 Reg. of Waterloo Hosted by: Rick