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10% of CMVs placed out of service in Canada during CVSA’s Brake Safety Day 

Ten percent – 88 vehicles – of the 894 commercial motor vehicles inspected in Canada were placed out of service for brake-related violations during Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake Safety Day on April 19. 

CVSA inspectors inspected 6,829 commercial motor vehicles throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Inspectors found brake-related critical vehicle inspection items on 11.3% of the vehicles inspected, indicating those vehicles were unfit and unsafe for roadways, according to a news release. Inspectors restricted those 773 commercial motor vehicles from travel until the violations were corrected. 

During this one-day unannounced inspection and enforcement campaign, certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors conducted their usual vehicle and driver inspections. They reported brake-related data to CVSA for a one-day snapshot of the state of brake systems on the commercial motor vehicles traveling our roadways every day. 

Top three 

The top three brake-related out-of-service conditions were: 

  1. 20% brakes violations: 497 – A vehicle or combination of vehicles is declared out of service when 20% or more of its service brakes have an out-of-service condition resulting in a defective brake, such as a brake out of adjustment, an audible air leak at the chamber, defective linings/pads, a missing brake where brakes are required, etc. 
  1. Other brake violations: 368 – Other out-of-service brake violations are worn brake lines, broken brake drums, inoperative tractor protection system, inoperative low air warning device, air leaks, hydraulic fluid leaks, etc. 
  1. Steering brake violations: 81 – Automatic standalone out-of-service steering axle brake violations include inoperative brakes, mismatched brake chambers, mismatched slack adjuster length, defective linings, etc. 

In the U.S., inspectors placed 679 (11.5%) of the 5,901 total commercial motor vehicles inspected out of service for brake-related violations. And in Mexico, 34 vehicles were inspected. Six (18%) had brake-related out-of-service violations and were placed out of service. 

6,829 vehicles inspected 

Of the 6,829 commercial motor vehicles inspected, 108 power unit and 87 towed unit lining/pad violations were identified, for a total of 195 combined lining/pad violations. 

In addition, eight of the CVSA member jurisdictions with performance-based brake testers (PBBTs) used those machines on Brake Safety Day to assess the braking performance of commercial motor vehicles. Those participating jurisdictions conducted 92 inspections with PBBTs. There were four failures (4.35%), which meant those four commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service for overall vehicle braking efficiency. 

CVSA’s Operation Airbrake Program holds two annual brake safety campaigns each year – this initiative, which is the one-day unannounced brake safety inspection and enforcement initiative, and Brake Safety Week, which is scheduled for Aug. 20-26. 

Today’s Trucking  May 26, 2023 

International Roadcheck Is May 16-18 with Emphasis on ABS and Cargo Securement 

FEBRUARY 28, 2023 

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced May 16-18 as this year’s International Roadcheck. International Roadcheck is a high-visibility, high-volume 72-hour inspection and enforcement event where CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weigh/inspection stations, designated inspection areas and along roadways. 

This year, inspectors will focus on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement to highlight the importance of those aspects of vehicle safety. Although ABS violations are not out-of-service violations, ABS play a critical role in reducing the risk of collisions by preventing the wheels from locking up or skidding, allowing a driver to maintain control of the vehicle while braking. In addition, improper cargo securement poses a serious risk to drivers and other motorists by adversely affecting the vehicle’s maneuverability, or worse, causing unsecured loads to fall, resulting in traffic hazards and vehicle collisions. 

During International Roadcheck, inspectors will conduct their usual roadside safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers. Data will be gathered from those three days and shared later this year, as a snapshot of the state of commercial motor vehicle and driver safety. 

International Roadcheck also provides an opportunity to educate the motor carrier industry and general public about the importance of safe commercial motor vehicle operations and the North American Standard Inspection Program. 

During a routine North American Standard Level I Inspection, inspectors focus on two areas – driver and vehicle safety compliance. 

  • Vehicle safety – Inspectors will ensure the vehicle’s brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft components, driver’s seat, fuel and exhaust systems, frames, lighting devices, steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, wheels, rims, hubs and windshield wipers are compliant with regulations. Inspections of motorcoaches, passenger vans and other passenger-carrying vehicles also include emergency exits, seating, and electrical cables and systems in the engine and battery compartments. 
  • Driver safety – Inspectors will check the driver’s operating credentials, hours-of-service documentation, status in the drug and alcohol clearinghouse, seat belt usage, and for alcohol and/or drug impairment. 

Vehicles that successfully pass a Level I or Level V Inspection without any critical vehicle inspection item violations may receive a CVSA decal, which is valid for three months. If the inspector does identify critical vehicle inspection item violations, as outlined in the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria, the vehicle will be restricted from operating until the identified out-of-service conditions have been corrected. Inspectors may also restrict the driver from operating if the driver is found to have driver out-of-service violations, such as not possessing a valid or necessary operating license or exhibiting signs of impairment. 

CVSA’s law enforcement member jurisdictions in cities, states, districts, provinces and territories in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. participate in International Roadcheck with support from trucking associations, transportation safety organizations and federal agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Transport Canada and Mexico’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation. 

Financial Update

MEOA Financial Update2022

Financial Update

Your MEOA Executive Committee has planned events in 2022 including:*2022 MEOA PD Day, May 26 – Oxford Hills Golf Club*2022 AGM/Spring Meeting, June 21-22 – Hilton Meadowvale Mississauga


Payment of membership fees for all members will be required in 2022.*

New for 2022 is a restructuring of membership to include a corporate membership fee structure as follows:Individual Membership – $75Corporate Membership – Up to 5 members – $325Corporate Membership – Up to 10 members – $6002021 Financial ReportRevenues include $1,750 in miscellaneous revenues form job postings.

Administrative expenses including items related to web site fees and insurance total $4,255.38HST payments of $5,889.28 (2019 & 2020)Reconciled Bank Balance Jan 1, 2021 – $27,433.25Reconciled Bank Balance December 31, 2021 – $17,322.67*

Your MEOA executive made the decision not to solicit membership fees in 2021 as the decision was made to not attempt events and to minimize operating costs as much as possible.

2020 Financial Report Revenues totaled $25,115.00. Included in this amount is $20,540 to be applied to 2022 events. Expenses totaled $34,871 of which $15,900 is attributed to deposits and payments that are applied to 2022 events. HST Remittance – $1,491.32Reconciled Bank Balance December 31, 2020 – $27,433.552019

Financial ReportTotal revenues from all sources – $94,343.82Total expenses – $84,452.39 HST Remittance – $3,286.87Reconciled Bank Balance Jan 1, 2019 – $25,982.35

Reconciled Bank Balance December 31, 2019 – $33,873.78

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