December – 2017

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Jim Thompson
Date December 21, 2017

MEOA Headquarters, 128 Piper Street, Ayr ON


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Jim Thompson President ü  
Rick Ellig Past President ü  
Scott Boughner Vice President ü  
Don Miller Treasurer ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary   ü
Trent Crowe Municipal Director ü  
Paul Peyton Municipal Director ü  
Les Preston Municipal Director ü  
Bill Koch Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director   ü    
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing ü  
Stephen Sinclair Training & Compliance Director ü  
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator ü  
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved
1 Vacant Executive position Contact JJE to discuss vacated Supplier Director Position Jim ASAP Pending
2 Marketing & Membership Add booth space to supplier all in one registration Mike ASAP Pending
    Prepare 2018 newsletter outline for fall release of newsletter Diane ASAP Pending
    Post 2018 event dates on web site Mike Jan. 1 Pending
    Post 2018 event & membership costs on web site Mike Jan. 1 Pending
    Oxford County green fleet info for web site & newsletter Scott ASAP Pending
    Copy of previous letter or draft new ‘benefits of attending’ IFAT show Rick Jan. 9 Pending
3 Spring Conference & Trade Show Order fixtures and electrical for each supplier booth. Jim ASAP Pending


    Arrange beverage service for 2 nights and tab/advance ticket sales Jim ASAP Pending
    Check/schedule Casino Nite equipment/vendor Don Next Meeting Pending
4 Field Trip 2018 Investigate possible field trip tours for IFAT trip All Next Meeting Pending
    Provide Chris from JJE with trip participant information Clare Next Meeting Pending
    Contact Cubex re sponsorship Clare Next Meeting Pending
    Contact Amaco re sponsorship commitment Scott Next Meeting Pending
    Phone past trip attendees & check re attending 2018 trip Scott/Clare/Rick Dec 7th Pending
    Book 15 dbl. rooms and send contract to Jim for review/approval Diane ASAP Pending
    Determine latest possible air travel booking date (24 seats) Diane Next Meeting Pending
    Promo pkg. and membership list to Exec. for telephone solicitation of members attendance Diane/Jim ASAP Pending
5 Honorary Membership Honorary membership candidates Jim ASAP Deferred
    Review constitution for changes Jim ASAP Deferred
6 Training & Compliance Review & post distracted driver info on web site Stephen ASAP Pending
7 New Business none      




Notes, Decisions
1)    Call To Order Meeting called to order by Jim Thompson at 9:45 A.M.
2)    Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the November 16, 2017 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Rick Ellig

Seconded: Bill Koch,  Carried

3)    Treasurers Report November 30, 2017 Reconciled Bank Balance $27,364.61.

Spring Meeting $10,754.87, PD Day $3,735.72, Field Trip $1,396.04

HST Outstanding $3,776.73

Paid PD Day Deposit Hockley Valley $4,000.00

Motion to accept: Cor Bultena

Seconded: Dianne Shirchenko,  Carried   

4)    JJE Executive Position Bill Koch to replace Dave Sharp as Supplier Director

Vacated Supplier position to remain empty until AGM

Action: Jim T. to contact Chris Vanderhof to discuss

5)    Marketing & Membership Spotlight ad out, Membership promotion to go out last week Dec., 1st week Jan. Why Join promotion to be added

Pics from Fall Field Trip in, looking for content from Exec. or attendees (info, benefits of attending, etc.) to include newsletter/website

Promotion for 2018 Field Trip to be included with Jan. Why Join/Membership distribution. Endorsements, quotes, value of trip, benefits required prior to 2nd Tuesday Jan.

Action: Rick to provide copy of previous letter &/or draft new letter

6)    Spring Meeting April 9-11, 2018 Nottawasaga Inn Resort, Alliston (must vacate by noon on the 11th)

Key components, AGM, Fleet Summit presentation, trade show

Suggested later start Monday to accommodate Vendors

2 chairs/table/electrical to be provided at each vendor booth, add $50 to booth rate

Require venue to provide bar service for 2 evenings. Complaints from vendors unable to run tab

Possible Casino Nite Tuesday evening to encourage attendees to stay additional ½ day Wed.

Schedule in question that will provide maximum exposure for vendors and keep within allotted time frame. Exec. to map out schedule options for next meeting Jan. 18th

Action: a) Jim to arrange beverage service Mon. & Tues. evenings and investigate advance sale drink tickets

             b) Don to confirm availability/arrange casino equipment & provider

7)    2018 Field Trip Clare advised information email has been sent out to membership

IFAT Cdn. Pavilion 44€ 3 day pass. Can assist in arranging excursions or visiting local municipalities

Pricing for flights & accommodation est. @ $2000-$2500 based on 30 participants, sponsorship crucial. Accommodation approx.. $300/day dbl. occupancy. Diane investigating lower cost accommodations closer to venue to eliminate transfer time/costs.

Diane to book 15 dbl. rooms & advise cancellation terms/dates, provide Jim T. with contract. Adjust air qty. to 24, Diane to confirm latest possible date to book air travel. Booking after Feb. 1st may incur additional costs.

15 attendees currently committed. Vendor(s) have expressed interest, Municipal participants preferred/take priority Suppliers with $5k sponsorship. Will require firm commitments, passport #’s/info by Feb. 1st. Jim to divide & distribute municipal membership list to Exec. to phone & solicit participation, Diane to provide promo pkg. to Exec.

$10k sponsorship target. Exec. to reach out to suppliers for firm commitments.

Action: a) Diane to finalize accommodation and sent contract to Jim T. for review

              b) Diane to confirm latest possible date for air travel booking

              c) Jim to secure promo pkg. and distribute solicitation list to Exec.

8)    Action Items Refer to action items above.
9)    New Business Dave not attending Jan. & Feb. meetings, minute recorder required. Will continue Exec. position until AGM.
10) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:50

Motion to accept: Bill Koch

Seconded: Paul Peyton,  Carried


Next Meeting
Scheduled Date January 18, 2018 Welland, location TBD 9:30 Start Time