November – 2017

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Scott Boughner
Date November 16, 2017

Oxford County Administration Building ,Woodstock, ON


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Jim Thompson President   ü


Rick Ellig Past President ü  
Scott Boughner Vice President ü


Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Trent Crowe Municipal Director    ü
Paul Peyton Municipal Director   ü  
Les Preston Municipal Director   ü  
Bill Koch Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director   ü     
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director    ü
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing    ü
Stephen Sinclair Training & Compliance Director ü  
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved
1 Spring Conference & Trade Show Investigate both electrical Scott ASAP Pending
2 Field Trip 2017 Gift card for Mark Wolszyn Cameron ASAP Pending
3 Field Trip 2018 Investigate possible field trip tours for IFAT trip All Next Meeting Pending
    Contact Holder re 7,500.00 sponsorship Cameron ASAP Pending
    Provide Chris from JJE with trip participant information Scott/Clare/


Dec 7th Pending
    Contact Cubex re sponsorship Scott ASAP Pending
    Contact Amico re sponsorship commitment Clare Scott Next Meeting Pending
    Check Munich room costs & hold rooms Diane ASAP Pending
    Prepare draft letter re attendance Diane ASAP Pending
    Determine trip cost and adjust fee to suite Scott/Clare/


Next Meeting Pending
    Send trip info to members & ask for attendance commitment Scott/Clare/


November 24th Pending
    Phone past trip attendees & check re attending 2018 trip Scott/Clare/Rick Dec 7th pending
4 Marketing & Membership Add both space to supplier all in one registration Mike ASAP Pending
    Prepare 2018 newsletter outline for fall release of newsletter Diane ASAP Pending
    Post 2018 event dates on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Post 2018 event & membership costs on web site Mike ASAP Pending
    Post Field Trip sponsors & thank you’s on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Create page for future event sponsors on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Oxford County green fleet info for web site & newsletter Diane/Adam Nyp ASAP  


5 PD Day        
6 Honorary Membership Add to future meeting agenda Jim ASAP Pending
7 New Business Review & post distracted driver info on web site Jim/Mike ASAP Pending
    Review constitution for changes Jim ASAP Pending
    Honorary membership candidates All Next Meeting Pending




Notes, Decisions    
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Scott Boughner at 9:25 A.M.    
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the October  20, 2017 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Rick Ellig

Seconded: Paul Peyton,  Carried

3) New Executive Member Scott welcomed Les Preston to his new executive position of Municipal Director and thanked him for volunteering to join the executive. Les provide a brief overview as to his reasons for joining and said that he was happy to be on board.    
4) Treasurers Report October 31Reconciled Bank Balance $31,685.95. No changes to event profit or loss. Deposit for PD Day has been paid to The Hockley Valley Resort. Paul advised that PD location has been changed from Granite Ridge to The Hockley Valley resort due to minimum charge at Granite Ridge.   Motion to accept: Cor Bultena, Seconded: Steve Sinclair,  Carried       
5) 2018 Rates Motion made by Don Miller: That the current annual membership fee of $75.00 will stay the same for 2018. Seconded by Steve Sinclair, Carried. Paul advised that the PD Day all in cost per golfer is $135.51 excluding that lunch that will be sponsored. Motion made by Rick Ellig: To set the 2018 PD day registration fee at $150.00 plus applicable tax. Seconded by Bill Koch, Carried. Motion made by Bill Koch: That the registration cost for attendance at the Annual Meeting, Conference & Trade Show be set at $250.00 for 2018. Seconded by Rick Ellig, Carried. Motion made by Bill Koch: That the cost for booth space at the Annual Meeting, Conference & Trade Show be set at $500.00 per booth for 2018 and that booth registration will include one Conference & Meeting registration and that if suppliers who are booking booths require additional registrations the cost will be $250.00 ea. Seconded by Paul Peyton , Carried. It was decided that electrical will be included with booth registration & that availability of electrical for the booths will be investigated. Motion made by Dave Sharp: That MEOA annual membership remain as is on a individual basis and that corporate and or group memberships will not be made available for 2018. Seconded by Bill Koch , Carried. Motion made by Rick Ellig: That New To The Industry presentations be made available to supplier members on a as available basis with cost the same as for 2017 and that sponsorship opportunities be made available to supplier members at the same cost as 2017  . Seconded by Scott Boughner , Carried. Mike advised that some suppliers have been confused with the all in one registration thinking that show booth space was included. Mike suggested that to simplify, booth space should be included in the supplier all in one registration and that suppliers registering can uncheck booth space if not required. It was agreed and Mike will go ahead & make the required changes.  


6) Oxford Green Fleet Adam Nyp provided a brief overview of Oxford County’s new first in Canada plow /sander trucks & hybrid ambulances. Adam asked the MEOA if we would be willing to make available to the members publicity information on the County’s efforts toward greening their fleet. The MEOA agreed and Adam will contact Diane regarding information to be posted on the MEOA web site & space made available in the upcoming news letter.                 
7) 2018 Field Trip Chris Vanderhof from JJE attended the meeting as a guest to discuss sponsorship contribution by JJE & their suppliers toward 2018 field trip costs. Chris advised that Epoke Germany would not make for a good tour location as it is a assembly plant only. Ipek is located approximately 1hour & 45 minutes from Munich and could be a potential tour location. Chris advised that there would be various educational seminars at the IFAT show and that potential suppliers attending the show may be interested in sponsoring seminar costs for MEOA members to attend. There was discussion regarding possible visits to municipality’s and opportunity’s for suppliers to be involved who have their equipment in use by the municipality. Chris advised that he will discuss sponsorship amounts from JJE and advise. Chris asked if the MEOA could provide information on how many & who may be attending the field trip to help him with discussions at JJE. Clare advised that Amico have also committed to helping with trip sponsorship. Clare suggested that other MEOA member suppliers who are not directly involved in the trip be approached to see if they would be willing to contribute toward costs. Chris mentioned that at the show there would be a Canadian suppliers section to promote Canadian businesses and that some sponsorship money may be available through this channel. Clare advised that we now need to make a firm decision as to whether we will go ahead with the trip or not as we are running out of time. It was agreed that a firm decision will be made at the December meeting. Scott advised that Rick has agreed to help himself & Clare with trip organization. Clare contacted DEL regarding sponsorship & they are not interested as themselves and none of their suppliers have any involvement with the IFAT show.  

The following tasks are to be completed prior to the next meeting. Investigate actual trip costs and adjust the current 1,500.00 registration upward to cover actual air travel & room costs. Send out trip information and details on IFAT show to the members and ask for commitment from those who would like to attend. This needs to go out to members next week and it will request that members respond within 2-weeks. Check prior field trip attendance for last 3-years & contact by phone those who attended in the to see if they will be attending the 2018 trip.      

8) Honorary Membership Deferred to future meeting    
9) Action Items Refer to action items above.    


Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:15 motion by Rick Ellig seconded by Don Miller Carried.    


Next Meeting
Scheduled Date December 21, 2017 Ayr 9:30 Start Time