October – 2017

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Jim Thompson
Date October 20, 2017

Elora Library ,144 Geddes St., Elora, On


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Jim Thompson President ü


Rick Ellig Past President ü  
Scott Boughner Vice President ü


Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Trent Crowe Municipal Director   ü  
Paul Peyton Municipal Director   ü  
Bill Koch Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director   ü     
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing   ü  
Stephen Sinclair Training & Compliance Director   ü
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved
1 Spring Conference & Trade Show Book Nottawasaga Inn Scott ASAP Pending
2 Field Trip 2017 Gift card for Mark Wolszyn Cameron ASAP Pending
    Poll those that attended for interest in proposed 2018 trip Scott/Clare ASAP Pending
3 Field Trip 2018 Investigate possible field trip tours for IFAT trip All Next Meeting Pending
    Contact Holder re 7,500.00 sponsorship Cameron ASAP Pending
    Contact JJE re Ipek sponsorship Clare ASAP Pending
    Contact Cubex re sponsorship Scott ASAP Pending
    Contact Amico & DEL re sponsorship Clare ASAP Pending
    Check Munich room costs & hold rooms Diane ASAP Pending
    Prepare draft letter re attendance Diane ASAP Pending
4 Marketing & Membership Investigate corporate membership for 2018 All For 2018 Pending
    Prepare 2018 newsletter outline for fall release of newsletter Diane ASAP Pending
    Post 2018 event dates on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Post Field Trip sponsors & thank you’s on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Create page for future event sponsors on web site Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
5 PD Day Book Granit Ridge Paul ASAP Pending
6 New Business Review & post distracted driver info on web site Jim/Mike ASAP Pending
    Membership rate increase add to agenda for next meeting Jim Next Meeting Pending
    Invite Ray, Frank & Bill to Christmas meeting Jim ASAP Pending
    Review constitution for changes Jim ASAP Pending
    Honorary membership candidates All Next Meeting Pending




Notes, Decisions    
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Jim Thompson at 9:40 A.M.    
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the September 21, 2017 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Don Miller

Seconded: Diane Shirchenko,  Carried

3) Treasurers Report September 29 Bank Balance $44,386.86. Cheque outstanding in the amount of $508.16 for web hosting payment. September 29 reconciled bank balance $43,878.70. As of today the bank balance is $ 32,019.84 with all field trip financials all completed. Last year’s balance as of October 31st was $14, 279.00.   For the Spring Meeting there is currently a outstanding cheque in the amount of 1,325.75 to Hahn Rentals. Profit from the Spring Meeting is $10,754.87. GST in the amount of 3,800.00 is owing. Motion to accept: Rick Ellig, Seconded: Bill Koch,  Carried       
4) Marketing & Membership Diane reported that there were 4 or 5 new people that attended the Field Trip. Staff from Trackmatics Inc. expressed a interest at the OGRA Managing Winter Maintenance Event of joining the MEOA. Currently working on deleting old items from the web site. When the 2018 event dates have been finalized they will be posted on the web site. Field trip sponsor and thank you’s will be posted on the MEOA web site banner & run until Christmas. Moving forward a page will be added to the web site for each event naming & recognizing the event sponsors.        
5) 2018 Field Trip Cam reported that Holder have made a commitment to provide sponsorship & would like us to let them know what amount is required by November 27th. Cam will ask them if they can provide $7,500.00. Cam advised that Walker Neilson and Livener have also expressed interest in sponsorship. Bill suggested that JJE should be approached to see if Ipek would be interested. Clare will approach them. Scott is going to contact Cubex and see if they and or their suppliers may be interested in providing sponsorship. Clare will also talk to Amico & DEL who are Schmidt dealers to see if they would be interested in sponsorship. Participants trip registration fee has been set at $1,500.00. Diane will check cost’s & hold rooms in Munich. Diane will prepare a draft letter providing participants with value of attendance that they can provide to management when they are applying for trip attendance approval. Diane will forward the draft to the executive for comments.       
6) PD Day Woodington Lakes have provided pricing and it is similar to Hockley Valley. The Nottawasaga Inn rates are $104.00 including dinner. Lunch would be extra and September 13th is available. Rates for Granit Ridge in the Milton area are 120.00 with dinner & cart. Paul will go ahead book Granit Ridge for September 13th & confirm details. We will provide Granit Ridge with a deposit once Paul has confirmed the booking.      
7) Spring Conference & Trade Show Scott will go ahead & book April 11th to 13th with the Nottawasaga Inn. The meeting agenda will be worked out and confirmed.               
8) New Executive Member Less Preston from The City of Guelph has agreed to fill the vacant Municipal Director executive position.     
10) Action Items Refer to action items above.    


Frank Vanhie is retiring and will no longer be participating in his current MEOA role of Field Trip Assistant. Frank will be invited to attend the Christmas meeting.    
  Ray & Bill Barr will also be invited to attend the Christmas meeting.    
  Bill Koch motioned that: Life Time Honorary MEOA members be invited to the PD Day and that the MEOA will cover the costs. Seconded by Diane Shirchenko, Carried     
  Constitution to be reviewed and any required changes required to be discussed.    
  Discussion followed re offering Life Time Honorary MEOA members to Frank Vanhie, Ray Klochnyk, Bill Barr & Mike Fortier. To be discussed further at the next meeting.      
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:45 motion by Paul Peyton seconded by Trent Crowe Carried.    


Next Meeting
Scheduled Date November 16, 2017 Woodstock 9:30 Start Time