September – 2017

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Jim Thompson
Date September 21, 2017

Region of Waterloo Operations Centre,100 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Jim Thompson President ü


Rick Ellig Past President ü   
Scott Boughner Vice President ü


Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Trent Crowe Municipal Director   ü  
Paul Peyton Municipal Director   ü  
Bill Koch Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director        ü
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing    ü
Stephen Sinclair Training & Compliance Director  ü  
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Frank Vanhie Field Trip Assistant    ü
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved
1 Spring Conference & Trade Show Confirm available dates for spring or fall with Fleet Summit Don Next Meeting Pending
2 Field Trip 2017 Pass out copy’s of Looking Back newsletter Clare On Field Trip Pending
    Plaques for sponsors Scott/Frank ASAP Pending
    Gift card for Mark Wolszyn Scott/Clare ASAP Pending
    Poll those attending for interest in proposed 2018 trip Scott/Clare On Field Trip Pending
3 Field Trip 2018 Investigate IFAT for 2018 trip Cam ASAP Pending
    Investigate possible field trip tours for IFAT trip All Next Meeting Pending
4 Marketing & Membership Investigate corporate membership for 2018 All For 2018 Pending
    Mail out Looking Back newsletter Jim/Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    Send photos for newsletter to Diane Ray ASAP Pending
    Send newsletter to e mail list Diane/Mike ASAP Pending
    After photo update print newsletter & mail Diane ASAP Pending
    Prepare 2018 newsletter outline for fall release of newsletter Diane ASAP Pending
5 Municipal Director Position Report back with suggestions All Next Meeting Pending
    Check to see if anyone attending the field trip would be interested  Clare During field trip Pending
    Send mail to members asking for volunteers Jim After next meeting Pending
6 PD Day Investigate costs at Nottawasaga Inn Paul Next Meeting Pending
    Check Osprey Valley, Granit Ridge & Milton area courses Trent/ Scott Next Meeting Pending
    Send any further suggestions to Trent All ASAP Pending
    Check re possible earlier start at HV Trent Next Meeting Pending
7 New Business Change Jim Thompson on outgoing mail to Mike ASAP Pending
    Review & post distracted driver info on web site Jim/Mike ASAP Pending
    Membership rate increase add to agenda for next meeting Jim Next Meeting Pending




Notes, Decisions    
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Jim Thompson at 9:40 A.M.    
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the August 29, 2017 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Rick Ellig

Seconded: Stephen Sinclair,  Carried

3) Treasurers Report August 31reconciled bank  balance $34,792.74. Cheque outstanding in the amount of $526.81 for web hosting payment. For the Spring Meeting there is currently a outstanding cheque in the amount of 1,200.00 to Hahn Rentals. Don estimates that the final profit from the Spring Meeting will be around 10,000.00. Revenue & sponsorship for the Fall Field trip is currently coming in. Motion to accept: Jim Thompson, Seconded: Rick Ellig,  Carried       
4) Marketing & Membership The looking back newsletter has been printed & Jim supplied copies to be distributed.  The printed newsletter will be passed out to those attending the Fall Field trip. Dave will pass out copy’s for MEOA promotion at the October 19th OGRA Managing Winter Operations event. Copy of the newsletter will be e mailed out to the members.      
5) 2017 Fall Field Trip Clare distributed a copy of the trip agenda for review and comments. Clare advised that 31 participants have committed to the trip. Scott will contact Frank to arrange for the plaques to be made up for the hosts & sponsors. In lieu of a plaque for his help with arranging hotels and the Ford Field tour Mark Wolszyn will be given a $200.00 gift certificate.       
6) 2018 Field Trip The proposed trip is to attend the May 14th -18th, 2018 IFAT show in Munich Germany. The trip will run from Saturday May 12th to Sunday May 20th. The time period includes 2 weekends and 5 working days. This will reduce the amount of time that participants will need to be away from work. Diane has been investigating travel arrangements. The group would stay in Munich attend the show and then after the show days could take day trips from Munich for tours. Proposed tours would include a tour of a Munich City facility and then additional supplier tours. All are to investigate possible supplier tours & report back at the next meeting with suggestions. Those attending the 2017 trip will be poled to see what the potential interest would be in attending the proposed 2018 trip.         
7) PD Day Trent has contacted Hockley Valley & Woodington Lakes. No response received yet from Woodington lakes. At Hockley cost for golf with cart is $67.00 each plus tax. Including lunch & dinner the total would be 153.65 ea. plus tax. Lunch portion of the fee is 13.95 ea. plus tax. Sponsorship for lunch could be found & that would reduce the total to 139.70. To cover this we would need to raise the registration fee. A lower charge may be able to be negotiated with Hockley Valley. Budget for prior PD Day’s has been 80.00 to 100.00. September 13th established for the event date. Paul will investigate costs at the Nottawasaga Inn we may be able to get a good rate as we will be holding the 2018 Spring Meeting there. Other suggestions for possible locations are Osprey Valley south of Orangeville & Granit Ridge in the Milton area. Trent will investigate. Any further suggestions for locations are to be sent to Trent.     


8) Spring Conference & Trade Show On hold pending receipt of dates that work for The Fleet Summit. Don checking & will advise.              
10) Action Items Refer to action items above.    


For the web site remove Jim Thompson from e mails being sent out and add as the sender.    
  Steve has sent the Distracted Driver information out to Jim to review & ok for posting on the web site. One Jim has looked it over he will send to Mike for posting.    
  Paul has offered to host a executive meeting at The City’s new facility in January or February. To be confirmed.    
  Mike asked if the membership rate will be increased for 2018. Jim will add to the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.    
  For the field trip Clare will not be bringing coffee & doughnuts for the bus in the morning & participants can bring their own.    
  Cameron advised that he is no longer working for Amaco. Jim will forward Cameron’s current contact information.    
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:35 motion by Paul Peyton seconded by Scott Boughner Carried.    


Next Meeting
Scheduled Date October 20, 2017 Elora 9:30 Start Time