February 2011

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: John Duncan
Date: February 17, 2011
Location: Lake House Restaurant, Vineland, ON

Invited Position Attended Regrets
John Duncan President X
Greg Lancaster Vice President X
Bill Barr Past President X
Don Miller Treasurer X
Frank Vanhie Municipal Director X
Ray Klochnyk Municipal Director X
Jim Thompson Municipal Director X
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator X
John Rutkay Supplier Director X
Brian Knight Supplier Director X
Doug Bannon Supplier Director X
Dave Sharp Secretary X
Jerry Rade X

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Constitution Changes John to reword changes for additional review John Duncan ASAP
2 Spring Meeting Confirm SPIFF presentation and check re duplication with trailer hitch presentation Dave Sharp ASAP
All those who have arranged for speakers are obtain Speaker Bio’s All concerned ASAP
Speaker plaques Frank Vanhie By Spring Meeting
Advise new to the industry presenters Greg Lancaster ASAP
Make changes to draft event flyer John Rutkay ASAP
3 2011 Fall Field Trip Confirm dates , follow up e mail Clare Pomeroy/ Frank Vanhie By Spring Meeting
4 Fall Show Check on BBQ shelter Jerry Rade ASAP
5 P.D Day Order wind jackets, pick up balance of prizes Ray Klochnyk/ Frank Vanhie ASAP
6 AORS Show Make up slide show Ray Klochnyk ASAP
7 Event Registration Investigate cost of laptop and printer Don Miller ASAP
8 Membership Gift for membership registration Frank Vanhie Next Meeting


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by John Duncan at 10:11 A.M
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the last meeting, January 13th were read and adopted

Motion to accept: Bill Barr

Seconded: Greg Lancaster


3) Treasurers Report No treasurers report
4) Constitution Changes Review of proposed changes as prepared by John Duncan. Some changes completed for housekeeping. Article 8 item 8.4 added to accommodate addition of Safety, Training and Compliance committee. Implications of proposed changes to Article 4 item 4 and 5 discussed concerning executive succession and bringing on new members. John will make reword changes for further review.
5) Spring Meeting Review agenda. 45 minute time slot provided for SPIFF presentation Dave to contact Ed Tschirhart and confirm that he is still available to present. Also could be some overlap with SPIFF presentation and presentation by Andre Brisson on legalities of trailer hitch installation. Arrange for Ed to contact Andre and discuss. Balance of speakers all confirmed. Jerry advised that Jim Giroux will be the speaker for the Student Hiring & training presentation. All those who have arranged for speakers are to get a short bio from them for their introduction. For the elections a final call for nominations from the floor will be made at 10:30. Frank will look after the plaques for the speakers. New to industry presentations will be from Interstream Technologies, NAPA Auto Parts and Scan-Link Armour System. All new to the industry presenters must be MEOA members. Greg will check to see if Interstream are members and if not will advise them of the requirement. Greg advised that so far there are 4 shirt sponsors. A draft copy of the meeting promotional flyer was circulated for comment. OPA will be removed from the flyer and the Zamboni part changed. Greg advised that there is around 700.00 left in the budget for speaker expenses if required.
6) P.D Day Frank advised that the wind jackets are still to be ordered. Prizes still being picked up Ray will arrange to pick up a GPS that is currently on sale and left over prize funds will be used to purchase gift certificates.
7) Fall Show Greg advised that the BBQ cost will be $11.00 to $19.00 per member depending on menu items selected. A shelter will be required for the BBQ. Jerry advised that there is one on site that would be suitable. Arrangement will need to be made with the Aud in order to use it.
8) Fall Field Trip Frank advised that Rodger is still committed to provide sponsorship. But no plans have been firmed up. Rodger has promised to get back to us by the spring meeting.
9) Con Expo Offer John Duncan advised that Strongco are offering to provide invites to MEOA members who are attending Con Expo a dinner function invitation. Strongco will be advised that the MEOA will not send the invite to members but that they can use the membership list to forward their own invites.
10) Event Registration Don Miller has requested approval to purchase a MEOA laptop and printer for streamlining event registration. Don is to investigate the cost and advise.
11) CVOR Challenge Letter has been signed and sent to the Deputy Minister of Transportation. Now waiting for a response.
12) AORS Trade Show Frank advised that booth space has been booked. No additional updates.
13) Membership Doug has now ordered the member stickers. No decision made regarding membership registration gifts. Deferred to next meeting.
14) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:35 P.M.

Motioned By: Brian Knight

Seconded By: Frank Vanhie


Next Meeting

Scheduled Date March 24th Location Brantford
Start Time 10:00 End Time As Required