January 2003

Municipal Equipment & Operations Association – Minutes of Meeting January 9, 2003 (01-03)
LOCATION: Casa Bella Restaurant, Chatham

1. ATTENDANCE: Clare Pomeroy, Don Miller, Dave Sharpe, John Duncan, Frank Vanhie, Ann-Marie Millson and Jim Anderson.
Regrets: Don Mowry, Brendan Keavney, Ed Hofland and Jeff Johnson

2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (December 2002)
Reviewed and accepted.


  • Ÿ Chequing acct as of 01/08/03, $4,282.87 & $10,000.00 GIC
  • A few cheques have not been cashed yet
  • Ann-Marie will have the completed report at Feb. meeting.
  • $4,000.00 still to come from Hans.
  • Ÿ $992.00 paid to Look Communications, $5349.00 to Compass Group and Woody
  • Insurance $3169.80 (up about $1000.00 from last year) for 2003, so all large accounts have been paid.
  • Ann-Marie informed executive that she may not be able to remain on the MEOA
  • Frank questioned if the plaques purchased for the Fall trip participants be costed in 2002. Confirmed by Ann-Marie.
  • Ann-Marie still waiting for 5 people to pay $125.00 extra for the trip.
  • Ann-Marie says she has all the Sponsorship invoices ready to send out.
  • Copy of Treasurers Report given to Jim.



  • Mike has pictures of field trip to put on the site.
  • Also agendas, current as well as old minutes to be added to the site.
  • John commented that the logos flash to quickly and they are different sizes. There is nothing can be done with the sizing as they are enter in the same size tile.
  • Clare suggested when municipalities and suppliers send in their logos, it will be in a specific size as to be not distorted when put on the site.
  • Mike sent in a report showing the number of hits per month, to the web site in the last year.
  • It was decided to allow Mike to continue working on the front page without checking constantly with the executive.
  • The bursary information will be placed on the front page for a month and then do another drop down to another page and move the info there.
  • Don to e-mail the hit info. to Jim to attach with the minutes.
  • Clare suggested we do something for Mike as repayment for his time and effort. Suggestions included an honorary membership or he and his wife be invited to the Spouses weekend.


  • Ann-Marie has all the mail outs ready, just waiting for Logo approval.
  • Requests had come to Ann-Marie to pay by Visa. This was rejected due to the cost involved to use card.
  • If approval of the new logo received by next Friday, this will be sent to the printers for new letterheads and envelopes.


  • John presented 3 proposals. Blue, Blue/Black and Yellow/Black, with/w/o arrows.
  • It was decided that the executive would vote by e-mail. Either Blue or Yellow, with or w/o arrows.
  • The vote approved the Blue with arrows.


  • The executive discussed what type of form we should use. Should we send to the
    printer or do our own.
  • Ann-Marie is looking to move the membership list from Excel spreadsheet to Access and creating a check box for paid membership (“YES” and “NO”) and be able to sort by yes, then the members name would go on the certificate and the no’s would remain in the data base.
  • Clare recommended we have this done by the Spring meeting so we could hand out certificates there.
  • Executive briefly
  • When Ann-Marie goes to the printer, she will check cost for them to do certificates.


1. Spring Meeting 2003 – Thursday April 3, 2003 at Chandelier Place in Stoney Creek. Executive Meeting April 2, 2003 at 2:30 PM. Rooms to be booked on the 2nd for the executive.

a) New minimum maintenance standards – Ann-Marie to check with Brian Anderson.
b) Kyoto Accord – Clare Pomeroy
c) Fleet Smart – Clare Pomeroy
d) Presentation of 2002 Fall Field trip
e) Dave to check on a presenter on new snow clearing processes (ie Danish Road Authority)
f) New Products – Jeff to look after this.
Executive assignments will be determined at future meetings.

2. PD Day 2003 – As John pointed out, the course referenced by Brendan at the last meeting were not in the Niagara peninsula. The date is May 30th, 2003 with the location confirmed with Brendan.

3. Fall Equipment Show 2003 – Location confirmed at the Kitchener Arena on August 28th with setup on the 27th.

4. Fall Field Trip 2003 – Clare said he would talk to Westmetro & Coleman Equipment to see if they would help sponsor at trip to New Holland in N.C. He also indicated that Duke Equipment was still interested in a trip to Italy, but this would have to be in 2004. One problem seems to be getting one or two other suppliers with manufacturers in the area to help offset cost. Clare would also like the manufacturer to set up a tour of a local municipal facility as part of the trip as per Brendan’s comments at the previous meeting. The trip date will be confirmed.

5. Spouses Night 2003 – It was decided to use a budget figure of $200.00 per person with the MEOA paying for the spouse. This will be for two nights (Friday & Saturday). John has done some preliminary checks in the Haliburton and Kiwartha areas. The final location to be determined. Format also to be determined (cottage or houseboat). Date to be June 21st weekend.


  • The cards will be just a general card showing logo and website.
  • We also discussed what promotional things we will require.
  • Don talked to the company that supplied the watches and golf give-aways, and
    they will inventory these items which could be ordered from the web site.
  • Ann-Marie suggested we continue making a list of all the things we should
    supply with the MEOA Logo.

Frank informed the executive that the best way to send the plaques overseas was by Canada Post although he did offer to take them himself.

The bursary for 2003 will be given to Mohawk College. Ed to contact the college.


1.  AORS Show – Location in 2003 is Lindsay
2. Public Works/Waste Show

1. Executive decided to look at some new displays.
2. We are to look at cost associated with this.
3. Jim Anderson to bring Strongco display to the next meeting.
4. Don indicated he liked the electronic display vs static displays.

1. Fall Show article to be submitted by Clare
2. Field trip article to be submitted by Ann-Marie

1. CD’s handed out to executive at the meeting.
2. Clare suggested we offer the CD’s to the people who attended the trip at roughly a cost of $10.00.


NEXT MEETING: February 13, 2003 10:00 am,
LOCATION: Brampton (Brendan to confirm location)