January 2011

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: John Duncan
Date: January 13, 2011
Location: Groeneveld, Milton ON


Invited Position Attended Regrets
John Duncan President X
Greg Lancaster Vice President X
Bill Barr Past President X
Don Miller Treasurer X
Frank Vanhie Municipal Director X
Ray Klochnyk Municipal Director X
Jim Thompson Municipal Director X
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator X
John Rutkay Supplier Director X
Brian Knight Supplier Director X
Doug Bannon Supplier Director X
Dave Sharp Secretary X
Jerry Rade X

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Constitution Changes John to report back at next meeting, regarding term of office John Duncan Next Meeting
John to make changes as per 4.1 and circulate prior to next meeting for comment John Duncan Prior to Next Meeting
2 Spring Meeting Send out application form to supplier members for new to the industry presentations Brian Knight ASAP
Investigate presentation on student hiring and training Jerry Rade ASAP
Investigate E3 presentation Bill Barr ASAP
Investigate SPIFF presentation Dave Sharp ASAP
Investigate Resilient Journey presentation Bill Barr ASAP
Investigate presentations on lifting techniques and new trailer hook regulations Ray Klochnyk ASAP
Send out tee shirt sponsor request’s John Rutkay ASAP
Forward presentation information to John Rutkay Those Above ASAP
Make of event brochure John Rutkay ASAP
3 2011 Fall Field Trip Confirm dates , follow up e mail Clare Pomeroy Next Meeting
Make up slide show Ray Klochnyk May/11
4 CVOR Challenge Letter to Deputy Minister Jerry Rade ASAP
5 Window Stickers Order 500 Doug Bannon ASAP
6 Membership Gift for membership registration Doug Bannon Frank Next Meeting
7 CFIB Membership Membership to assist in banking fees Don Miller ASAP In Progress


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by John Duncan at 10:25 A.M
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the last meeting, December 15th were read and adopted, with the following correction delete Don Miller and add Doug Bannon to action item 12,

Motion to accept: Ray Klochnyk

Seconded: John Duncan


3) Treasurers Report Year end is completed. Reconciled balance as of Dec. 31, 2010 $35,408.96. Still outstanding from fall show both space for Interclean & Heat Design. Don advised that we are up $7,800.00 over the prior year.

Motion to accept: Bill Barr

Seconded: Frank Vanhie


4) Meeting Expenses Don Miller made a motion that executive expenses being covered outside of normal executive meetings by MEOA executives be covered by the MEOA up to $25.00 per person for meal’s while conducting MEOA business. Seconded: John Duncan


5) Insurance Renewal Insurance renewed with director’s liability increased from 1 million to 2 million. Don advised that there will be a extra charge of 250.00 for a rider at events where alcohol is available.
6) Tax Return Don advised that the MEOA is required to file a T2 tax return. Cost to complete and file would be $400.00 to $500.00. The expense was authorized and Don was advised to go ahead.
7) Constitution Changes John Duncan advised that the draft revisions are not yet complete. John will complete asap and circulate by e mail for comment.
8) Spring Meeting John Rutkay circulated the budget for review. Cubex has committed to $5,000.00 in sponsorship and Zamboni will provide lunch for the group. Additional revenue will be raised by selling 12 spots on the tee shirts to interested supplier members. Cost to members for attendance will be $135.00 each. Event is budgeted for 120 people. Tentative schedule was reviewed. The Mayor of Brantford will welcome members. Brian Knight will look after sending out applications to supplier members for new to the industry presentations. Jerry Rade will look after organizing a presentation on student hiring & training. Bill Barr will investigate a possible presentation on E3. Dave Sharp will investigate a possible presentation on the upcoming new SPIFF regulations. Bill Barr will contact Dick O’Brien regarding his Resilient Journey presentation. Ray Klochnyk advised that he could arrange presentations from FRF Hydraulics, Pride Body’s, and Apex on lifting techniques and new trailer hook regulations. Other topics suggested, OHSCS safety regulations and fuel dispensing. John Rutkay requested that he be advised asap as he needs to prepare the event brochure. John Rutkay will send out the request for supplier sponsorship for the tee shirt.
9) P.D Day Ray Klochnyk, advised that so far he has purchased a T.V. and Golf bag for prizes. The revenue from hole sponsorship will be used to purchase prizes. All those registered will be provided with a wind shirt with MEOA logo. Tickets for the draw prizes and 50/50 draw will be sold at $5.00 each. Giveaway golf balls were suggested with possible sponsorship by supplier member’s, 36 dozen would be required. Registration fee will be $125.00.
10) Fall Show Dates are now confirmed and booked. Registration charge will be $40.00, includes BBQ lunch and admission to educational seminars. Fee will be no charge to attend show only.
11) Fall Field Trip Nothing further to report at this point.
12) CVOR Challenge In process of sending out a letter to the Deputy Minister of Transportation, requesting review.
13) Membership Doug circulated sample window stickers. Cost would be $2.39 ea. Under a hundred, $1.69 ea. Over a hundred. Doug was authorized to go ahead and order 500. Membership fee will be $50.00 with no tax. Frank presented gift ideas for membership registration including, clock, paper weight, and a barometer. All desk items the idea being that items displayed on a members desk would help promote the MEOA to others. Frank to pursue.
14) Hand Held Exemption There will be a exemption for commercial operators as long as unit is operated in a fixed mounted position.
15) Open Don advised that members would be able to pay at events for attendance by credit card.
16) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:30 P.M.

Motioned By: Bill Barr

Seconded By: Frank Vanhie


Next Meeting

Scheduled Date February 17th Location Niagara
Start Time 10:00 End Time As Required