November 2014

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: Mike Beattie
Date: November 16, 2014
Location: Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington Ontario


Mike Beattie: President
Frank Vanhie: Past President
Ray Klochnyk: Vice President (did not attend)
Don Miller: Treasurer
Dave Sharp: Secretary (did not attend)
Rick Ellig: Municipal Director
Mike Fillion: Municipal Director
Mike Fortier: Municipal Director (did not attend)
Andre Boutin: Supplier Director
Lisa McClelland: Supplier Director (did not attend)
Cameron MacRae: Supplier Director
Diane Shirchenko: Communications & Marketing (did not attend)
Training & Compliance Director: Position Vacant
Clare Pomeroy: Field Trip Coordinator

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Newsletter Frank researching article on MEOA history for fall newsletter. Frank Complete (remove)
Submit articles to Diane Those assigned as per prior minutes December1st
Prepare composite Diane November 19
2 Spring Meeting Follow up with Valley Blades re possible plant tour & sponsorship Frank Complete (remove)
Follow up with Wajax re participation & sponsorship Ray ASAP
Follow up with Olympia re participation & sponsorship Ray ASAP
Check re: Irish Dancers for dinner entertainment Ray ASAP
Follow up with Ritchie Brothers & Chrysler re sponsorship Mike B ASAP
Investigate hats & mugs Ray ASAP
3 Website Prepare articles & forward to Diane As listed in 7 from June 19th meeting ASAP
4 Audit Check if 3rd party audit is required Rick ASAP
5 Final Fall Show Numbers Follow up with Cvent Mike B Complete (remove)
6 Outstanding PD Day Registrations Follow up for payment Mike B & Mike Fortier ASAP
7 PD Day Investigate travel bag give away Ray ASAP
8 Fall Field Trip 2014 Provide registration fee reimbursement to City of Brantford Don Complete (remove)
9 Web Site arrange webinar with Cara Epp Diane Complete (remove)
10 Fall Field Trip 2015 Provide details of Schmidt potion of trip plan Cameron ASAP
Prepare map & itinerary Clare/ Diane ASAP
11 Spotlight Ad Book ad & prepare draft Diane ASAP
12 NEOPWA Forward newsletter & MEOA info Ray ASAP
13 MTO – Road Building Machinery proposed changes Mike B. to represent MEOA during any future discussion with MTO Mike B TBD
14 Booth Update Investigate pull up banner cost Mike B ASAP


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Mike Beattie at 9:55 A.M.
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the October 16th meeting were read and adopted.
Motion to accept: Rick Ellig Seconded: Andre Boutin, Carried
3) Treasurers Report Reconciled Balance as per October 17th statement $25,063.
Current account balance as of November 18th $26,955.05.
Two large bills to be paid before year end are cost of CVENT $6,780.00 (U.S. dollars) and Insurance renewal approx. $4,000.00 The $10,000.00 put into the investment account has earned $109.95 interest to dateMotion to accept: Mike Fillion
Seconded: Andre Boutin, Carried
4) Action items Please refer to notes above for all Action items
5) 2015 Spring Meeting Mike Beattie has confirmed interest from Chrysler Canada to be a major sponsor for the event schedule for April 15th & 16th at the Waterloo Inn. Valley Blades has confirmed their participation as both a sponsor and tour host for the Wednesday afternoon. Co-chairs need to confirm the remaining supplier sponsors that will participate in this event. Ray, Diane and Frank to report back at the December meeting.
6) P. D. Day No further updates since last meeting, defer until next meeting
7) All in One Flyer Discussion centered around the Fall Field Trip. It was agreed that we remove the destination cities for this trip and replace them with the names of the companies and possibly some of the municipalities that we hope to visit next Fall. Mike B. to confirm with Diane the company names that will be added to the all in one flyer
8) 2014 Fall Field Trip Still some registration fees that have not been confirmed as being paid. Mike B. and Don to follow up on payment status.
9) Newsletter Diane still waiting for some articles to be submitted for the next edition. Diane will send the executive the list of articles that she is still waiting for. If you are asked to send in a report, please try and get them sent in by Friday November 28th.
10) Website Webinar was held on Tuesday November 18th. Discussion followed as to where we go now. It was agreed that once changes are made, training will need to be offered for all executive members and the new website administrator. Motion was made to move forward to have Cara from Edna Marketing make the changes to the website.
Motion to accept: Rick Ellig Seconded: Mike Fillion, carried
11) Audit Rick still trying to confirm the requirements of an audit for a non-profit association. Some questions were raised regarding the difference between an audit and a review. Rick to report back at the next meeting.
12) 2015 Field Trip Discussion was held about the number of companies to be included on this trip. Field trip co-chairs (Clare and Mike B.) to meet with reps from JJEI, Cubex and Amaco prior to the December meeting to sort out further details regading the length of time away and how many companies that will be visited.

New Business

1) Thank you card Card from Mike Born thanking us for the donation in memory of his father, was shared with the group
2) December meeting Andre advised that our next executive meeting will be held at the JJEI office in Innisfil
3) Open Discussion Frank asked the group if there are any municipalities using EOBR’s (electronic on-board recorders) for recording driving hours for staff.
Discussion about the question of advertising in the MEOA newsletter compared to advertising on the website. Agreed that for now we would not entertain advertising requests for the newsletter, but would consider possibly offering this to our supplier members on the website once all the changes are made and it is up and running smoothly. For the immediate future the administration emails will be handeled by president Mike. As we moved forward, this work will be something handled by Jerome Vincent from the Town of Caledon who will become the website administrator
4) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:55

Motioned By: Rick Ellig, Seconded By: Mike Fillion. carried

Next Meeting

Scheduled Date: December 11th Location: Joe Johnson Equipment Inc, Innisfil, Ontario