December 2014

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: Mike Beattie
Date: December 11, 2014
Location: Joe Johnson Equipment, Innisfil Ontario


Mike Beattie: President
Frank Vanhie: Past President (did not attend)
Ray Klochnyk: Vice President (did not attend)
Don Miller: Treasurer
Dave Sharp: Secretary
Rick Ellig: Municipal Director
Mike Fillion: Municipal Director
Mike Fortier: Municipal Director
Andre Boutin: Supplier Director
Lisa McClelland: Supplier Director
Cameron MacRae: Supplier Director
Diane Shirchenko: Communications & Marketing (did not attend)
Training & Compliance Director: Position Vacant
Clare Pomeroy: Field Trip Coordinator (did not attend)

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Audit Check if 3rd party audit is required Rick ASAP Deferred to next meeting
2 Outstanding PD Day Registrations Follow up for payment Mike B & Mike Fortier ASAP
3 PD Day Investigate travel bag give away Ray ASAP
Pick up MEOA gifts Mike Fortier ASAP
4 Web Site arrange webinar with Cara Epp Diane Complete (remove)
Change Harley photo Mike B. ASAP
Investigate addition of group forum Mike B. ASAP
5 Fall Field Trip 2015 Provide details of Schmidt potion of trip plan Cameron ASAP
Prepare & forward draft itinerary Andre ASAP
6 NEOPWA Forward newsletter & MEOA info Ray ASAP
7 Booth Update Investigate pull up banner cost Mike B ASAP
8 Bank Check re change of bank for lower service fees Don Next Meeting
9 OPWA Cheque Don to write off outstanding cheque Don ASAP
10 Spring Meeting Check with Frank & Ray if any help required Lisa ASAP
11 All in one Flyer Post on web site & send to members Mike B. ASAP


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Mike Beattie at 10:10 A.M.
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the November 16th meeting were read and adopted.
Motion to accept: Rick Ellig Seconded: Andre Boutin, Carried
3) Treasurers Report Reconciled Balance as per November 19th statement $26,063.

One outstanding bill to be paid To C. Pomeroy $262.05. Outstanding cheque to OPWA for 500.00 for MEOA contribution to hospitality suite at APWA show never cashed and to be written off books.

Don would like to change banking from RBC to another bank as the RBC bank charges are to high. Don will investigate alternate banks that would provide lower fees and report back.

Event Summery as of November 19, 2014
Spring Meeting: 3,647.68 profit
PD Day: 1,005.42 profit
Fall Show: 12,590.76 profit
Field Trip: 883.69 loss
Motion to accept: Andre Boutin
Seconded: Rick Ellig, Carried

4) 2015 Spring Meeting Nothing to report co chair’s absent. But all on track and going well. Lisa to check with Frank & Ray to see if they require any assistance.
5) P. D. Day All on track & progressing well. Ray is working on the giveaway bags. Cost of hole sponsorships to be left at 150.00. Sponsors will be given opportunity for additional events at sponsored holes. May have to limit number of sponsors who can do this in order to keep play moving.
6) Newsletter/All In One Flyer Newsletter draft has been sent out to executive for review & comments. All in one flyer is completed and final copy has been sent out to executive. Now needs to be posted on the web site & sent out to members.
7) Web Site Review site. Photos banner etc. photo on banner of Harley Museum to be changed. Discuss addition of group forum for customers to post questions exchange & share information. Mike Beattie to investigate. For the Fall Show booth fees to remain same as last year 150.00 & 600.00.
8) Audit Deferred to next meeting
9) Field Trip Meeting held last week to review trip plans. Attendance goal 25-30. Registration fee to be approximately 1,200.00. Trip date September 19th to October 3rd. tentative schedule was reviewed by the group. Possible municipal tours to be arranged as part of the trip. Andre to forward draft agenda to the executive. Final agenda to be provided to members so they can present the agenda and obtain approval to attend the trip.
10) Action Items Please refer to notes above for all action items.

New Business

1) Next Meeting Next meeting will be at NAPA in Cambridge, 15th of January.
2) Open Discussion Mike Fortier will pick up MEOA prizes for PD Day while prices are lower for Christmas Sales. Mike will select prizes similar to last year and for approximately the same value as spent last year.
4) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 11:50 Motioned By: Lisa McClelland, Seconded By: Don Miller. Carried

Next Meeting

Scheduled Date: January 15th Location: NAPA, Cambridge, Ontario