January 2015

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: Mike Beattie
Date: January 15, 2015
Location: NAPA, Cambridge Ontario


Mike Beattie: President
Frank Vanhie: Past President
Ray Klochnyk: Vice President
Don Miller: Treasurer
Dave Sharp: Secretary
Rick Ellig: Municipal Director
Mike Fillion: Municipal Director (did not attend)
Mike Fortier: Municipal Director
Andre Boutin: Supplier Director
Lisa McClelland: Supplier Director
Cameron MacRae: Supplier Director (did not attend)
Diane Shirchenko: Communications & Marketing (did not attend)
Training & Compliance Director (Position Vacant)
Clare Pomeroy: Field Trip Coordinator

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Audit Check if 3rd party audit is required Rick ASAP Deferred to next meeting
2 Outstanding PD Day Registrations Follow up for payment Mike Beattie ASAP
3 PD Day Order 150 travel bag’s for giveaway Ray ASAP
Investigate new hole sponsorship signs Ray ASAP
4 Web Site Change photos Mike B. ASAP
Implement group forum Mike B. ASAP
Send promotional e mail to list of 5000 Mike B. ASAP
Check re posting read only documents Mike B. ASAP
Investigate corporate registration Mike B. ASAP
Interactive Fall Show plan Mike B. ASAP
5 Fall Field Trip 2015 Provide details of Schmidt potion of trip plan Cameron ASAP
Prepare & forward draft itinerary and map Andre Next Meeting
Free Sunday group activity Mike B. ASAP
6 NEOPWA Ray to provide contact Mike to forward newsletter & MEOA info Mike B./Ray ASAP
7 Booth Update Investigate pull up banner cost Mike B. ASAP Cost approximately 300.00. To be deferred to next meeting
8 Bank Change banking & merchant services to TD Bank Don next meeting
9 Spring Meeting Mike to follow up with Chrysler Mike B. next meeting
Contact Shell as per below Mike B. next meeting
Follow up with Wajax Ray next meeting
Arrange poker draw Ray ASAP
Send questions to Ray for panel discussion All ASAP
Prepare & send request to members for questions for panel discussion Ray ASAP
Draft up standardized election ballet Ray ASAP
Prepare draft agenda Ray ASAP
Garden tour sponsorship Frank ASAP
Investigate box lunch Ray/Frank ASAP
Contact Ford re next year’s meeting Ray ASAP
10 Newsletter Follow up with Diane Mike B next meeting
11 Elections Send nominations to Frank All ASAP
Request nominations from members Frank ASAP


Item Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Mike Beattie at 9:30 A.M.
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the December 11th, 2014 meeting were read and adopted.
Motion to accept: Rick Ellig Seconded: Andre Boutin, Carried
3) Treasurers Report Reconciled Balance as per December 31th statement $10,768.05
Balance as of start of 2015 $5,036.00
Balance as of January 13th 2015 $24,053.94
Don reported a saving of approximately 40% is available in banking charges and merchant services by switching banking from RBC & Moneirs to Toronto Dominion. Banking fees last year were approximately $5,000.00 so the change would be a significant saving.
Motion made: by Lisa McClelland to change Banking & Merchant services to Toronto Dominion. Seconded by Mike Fortier and Carried.
Don to proceed with arrangement to make the change to Toronto Dominion and should be in place by the next meeting. Seconded by Mike Fortier and Carried.Motion to accept the treasurers report: Rick Ellig
Seconded: Mike Fortier, Carried
4) 2015 Spring Meeting Mike B. Has contacted Bill Fisher at Chrysler regarding meeting sponsorship and there is a 50/50 chance of them coming on board for this year. There may be a better opportunity for them to participate next year with a possible tour of the Bramalea assembly plant. Mike to follow up and advise. Mike advised that Shell is developing a new synthetic diesel fuel from natural gas that could potentially eliminate the requirement for DPF systems on diesel engines. The new fuel is currently being tested in Europe. Mike is to investigate potential for a possible presentation at next years Spring Meeting. Lisa will provide a contact at Shell for Mike to talk to. Ray advised that the hotel is booked including rooms for the executive and that meals etc are all looked after. Valley Blades & Grote are confirmed for sponsorship and presentations. Wajax are interested but have not yet committed and Ray will follow up with them. Arrangements for the garden tour are all set and attendance will be limited to 90 participants. Ray is suggesting a Poker Draw for the night before draw prize to add some interest and he will go ahead and set it up. For conference day a question and answer session is to be set up. A moderator and panel will be required and set questions will be asked. Members will be poled prior to the conference for input into questions. Ray would also like the executive to forward him any questions that they would like presented to the panel. Final questions will then be selected and prepared prior to the presentation. Ray will draft up a standardized election ballet to allow use of the same ballet from year to year. A tentative draft schedule has been worked out that is still subject to change. Ray will provide a copy as things get firmed up. Ray is estimating a profit of approximately 5,000.00 and that will be higher if Wajax commit. Cost for the garden tour is 4,700.00 and we have no sponsorship yet for this event. Frank will contact Ritchie Brothers regarding possible sponsorship for the garden tour. Frank and Ray will investigate a box lunch for the tour bus and Lisa advised that NAPA would sponsor the lunch. For next year’s meeting Ray will contact Ford to see if they would be interested in participation and sponsorship.
5) P. D. Day All on track & progressing well. Ray is ordering 150 of the giveaway travel bags with MEOA logo. Left over bags will be used as give ways for Fall Field Trip participants. Ray will investigate the cost of new hole sponsorship signs that would have permanent MEOA advertising/promotion on one half and replaceable stick on hole sponsor advertising on the other half. Mike Beattie is following up with the 6 unpaid participants from last year for payment.
6) Newsletter/All In One Flyer All in one flyer is completed and has been sent out. Mike Beattie will follow up with Diane regarding current status of the newsletter.
7) Web Site The executive pass word has been updated and advised to the executive. The executive section has been added to the site. There will be a public folder in the executive section that can be used for posting documents, minutes etc. Mike will check and advise if documents to be posted can be set up in a read only format. Photo up dates are being worked on. Event co chair e mail contact addresses will be added so that members who have questions regarding events can contact the co chairs. Mike Beattie requested approval to send promotional event flyer e mails out to the existing list of 5000 contacts at the cost of $100.00 for event promotion and also in order to be able to edit and clean up the list. Mike also asked for approval to spend 500.00 to set up the MEOA chat forum on the web site. Motion made by Rick Ellig for Mike Beattie to go ahead and spend no more that 600.00 to send the proposed e mail to the list of 5000 and also to set up the MEOA chat forum on the web site. Seconded by Ray Klochnyk and carried. Mike Beattie and Rick Ellig will be the moderators for the MEOA chat forum. A presentation to update the members on the new web site will be made at the Spring Meeting. The presentation will also be sent out to members after the meeting so that they can have a permanent copy. Mike will investigate and advise if there is a way to set up corporate event registrations on the web site. Andre asked if a interactive Fall Show floor plan could be set up on the web site that would allows suppliers to select their booth space location. Mike will check and advise. Mike will arrange to post the membership list on the web site.
8) Audit Deferred to next meeting
9) Field Trip John Deer are a Bomag dealer and Bomag has facilities in Europe. Mike Beattie has contacted Gary Hurst at John Deer to see if they would be interested in arranging a tour of the Bomag facility and contributing sponsorship for the trip. Andre advised that Envirosight have confirmed sponsorship and a facility tour. A tentative agenda is being worked out. Andre will finalize the draft agenda and location map for in order to be able to use them for trip promotion. Mike Beattie is looking into a possible group activity for the free Sunday in Munich. Mike will advise Dave and Dave will investigate regarding possible Viking sponsorship of the event. Outstanding trip agenda and details will be nailed down for the next executive meeting.
10) Detroit Auto Show Clare advised that he will be attending the Detroit Auto Show show next week. He asked if any of the executive would be interested in joining him and offered to provide transportation. Anyone interested is to let Clare know.
11) Action Items Please refer to notes above for all action items.

New Business

1) Next Meeting Next meeting will be held at the Region of Waterloo Museum on February 19th. Details and agenda to follow.
2) New Business Frank brought up the subject of executive position elections to be held at The Spring Meeting. There are openings for 3 Municipal Directors and 2 Supplier Directors. Rick Ellig will be moving into the position of Vice President. Scott Boughner was suggested as a possible candidate for Municipal Director and Frank will contact him to see if he would be interested in being nominated. If any of the executive have other suggestions for nominations please forward to Frank. Frank will prepare a request to the members to be sent out asking for nominations.
2) Open Discussion Frank suggested that Mike Born be recognized at the Spring Meeting for his long term dedicated service to the association. Recognition for Mike will be added to the Spring Meeting agenda. Ray requested the dollar amount of the funds available for the annual MEOA charity donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario. Don advised that there is $1,476.00 dollars available for the donation. As incoming president Ray advised that he would like this year’s president’s choice charity donation to go to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada located in Cambridge Ontario. He also suggested the Canadian Service Dog Association but his preference would be for the Canadian Donkey Association. Ray provided a outline of the work that The Donkey Association does in rescuing and providing care for distressed Donkeys and other animals. Ray advised that the Association is open to the public and provides school groups with a opportunity to visit and come in contact with the animals.
4) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:45 Motioned By: Mike Fortier, Seconded By: Rick Ellig, Carried

Next Meeting:

Scheduled Date: February 19th. Region of Waterloo Museum, Cambridge, Ontario