February 2015

Subject: MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person: Mike Beattie
Date: February 19, 2015
Location: Kitchener Museum, Kitchener Ontario


Mike Beattie – President
Frank Vanhie – Past President
Ray Klochnyk – Vice President
Don Miller – Treasurer
Dave Sharp – Secretary (did not attend)
Rick Ellig – Municipal Director
Mike Fillion – Municipal Director
Mike Fortier – Municipal Director
Andre Boutin – Supplier Director
Lisa McClelland – Supplier Director
Cameron MacRae – Supplier Director
Diane Shirchenko – Communications & Marketing (did not attend)
Training & Compliance Director – Position Vacant
Clare Pomeroy – Field Trip Coordinator (did not attend)

Action Items Arising From The Minutes

Item # Action Required Comments Owner Target Date Date Resolved
1 Audit Check if 3rd party audit is required Rick ASAP Deferred to next meeting
2 Outstanding PD Day Registrations Follow up for payment Mike Beattie ASAP
3 Spring Meeting Event flyer info submission to Diane for web site & email blitz Ray ASAP
Bios of presenters is required Ray ASAP
4 PD Day Order 50 sign holders & signs for hole sponsorship Ray ASAP
Event flyer info submission to Diane for web site & email blitz Lisa ASAP
Balance sheet update to group Mike Fortier March meeting
May meeting at course to be scheduled Lisa ASAP
5 Newsletter Follow up with Diane Mike B May meeting
6 Web Site Finalize the beta group forum section in preparation of spring meeting Mike B. ASAP
Interactive Fall Show plan Mike B. to discuss with Andre ASAP
Modify wording of “Join Now” to “Membership Services” Mike B. ASAP
Add MEOA contact info to site: mailing address, email, phone # Mike B. ASAP
Investigate corporate registration Mike B. ASAP
7 Audit Don to contact BDO to ask for guidance on MEOA compliance regarding the new Act Don Miller ASAP
8 Fall Field Trip 2015 Send out ppt of itinerary to group Andre ASAP
Confirm supplier sponsorship funds Andre Cameron ASAP
Complete presentation package on trip for membership to use for trip approval Rick March meeting
Free Sunday group activity Mike B. March meeting
9 Elections Prepare memo to membership requesting nominations from members via email blast Frank ASAP
Identify Executive mbr of the year Mike B. Spring meeting


Item Notes, Decisions

1) Call To Order

Meeting called to order by Mike Beattie at 9:30 A.M.
2) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the January 15th, 2015 meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Rick Ellig

Seconded: Ray Klochnyk, Carried

3) Treasurers Report

Don has completed set up of our new account at TD, currently we are running 2 bank accounts (TD & RBC)

RBC balance as of Feb 18 was $30,544.99

TD balance as of Feb 18 was $2,240.90

Details on the TD account:

  • All Moneris funds have been set up to deposit into our new TD account
  • Remaining RBC funds still to be transferred over
  • Change to TD will provide the MEOA a savings of approximately $5,000/yr (40%) for bank monthly charge fees & bank service fees
  • A debit card has already been received for TD account
  • A credit card has been requested from TD, with a $20,000 limit; however TD requires a secured guarantee to allow this credit card. Need to wait to hear back from TD on their acceptance of our request for credit card.

Motion to accept the treasurers report: Mike Fortier

Seconded: Andre Boutin, Carried

4) 2015 Spring Meeting

Ray & Frank have a completed Agenda for the 2 day event.

  • Wednesday funeral sandwiches at hotel & granola bars, apples on bus – sponsored by NAPA (approx. $750).
  • Wednesday visits will include: Grote, Wajax & Valley Blades. Bus availability limits to bus attendees to 95 people.
  • Wednesday garden tour set for Kennedy’s (sponsorship committed by Ritchie Bros $2,500)
  • Thursday presentations include: Grote, Wajax, Valley Blades, Shell, Cara for new web page, MEOA events plus a panel discussion.

Mike B. did connect with Chrysler about sponsorship for 2015 meeting, but Chrysler would like to review opportunity for 2016 meeting. Ford has not yet responded to Ray on their interest for 2016 sponsorship.

All is lining up to be a very fun event.

Mike B. is looking to have info for Event flyer submitted asap to Diane for web page & email blitz, Ray to complete.

5) P. D. Day All on track & progressing well.

  • Ray supplied a sample hole sponsorship sign to replace our current signs. These are much stronger and also provide MEOA advertising with a ripe off decal for hole sponsors name. Approved by the group to order metal holder (made of stainless steel with a black powder coating). Also holders for signs will also be built for easier storage. It was suggested that both sides of sign have MEOA logo for potential future use.
  • Lunch sponsor has been confirmed, Equipment Specialist (Roger).
  • Mike Beattie is following up with the 6 unpaid participants from last year for payment, 4 are from one company.

Mike B. is looking to have info for Event flyer submitted asap to Diane for web page & email blitz, Lisa to complete.

6) Newsletter Focus of newsletter will be during the summer to emphasize Fall Show and Fall Field Trip to Europe.
7) Web Site Current numbers of registered members is 156 with 61 purchasing the All-In-One membership.

The Beta Blog Forum is now available on the web-site and was proposed and approved to have this fully functioning for spring meeting so an accurate presentation could be completed for the members.

Discussion surrounding re-wording on the main page to replace “Join Now” with “Member Services”. Also to add the contact information on the site, including address, email & phone number.

Don Miller suggested that a cloud drive could be created for ongoing files and cheque reconciliation.

Mike Beattie suggested that we change servers; currently use Jeremy Hoover to Edana Marketing.


Andre asked if an interactive Fall Show floor plan could be set up on the web site that would allows suppliers to select their booth space location. Mike will check and advise. Mike will arrange to post the membership list on the web site.

8) Audit Rick Ellig provided an update to the group on his findings regarding the upcoming changes with the new Act on non-profit organizations. Rick believes that MEOA would fall under a Review Engagement but he recommends that we reach out for more professional guidance to ensure we are going down the right path. Don to reach out to his contact at BDO to receive their opinion on the MEOA status.
9) Field Trip Andre provided us a brief update indicating that Bagela has pulled out, near Hamburg, which shortens up the distance for some travel dates.

Overall dates are secured; next step is to block flights for approximately 25 and secure supplier sponsorship amounts.

Cost per participant target is still $1,200 which includes $554 for a Europass.

Rick has asked other members for information to assist building a standard presentation package that could be given to members for submission to their management.

10) Elections Frank identified that there are 5 positions that will be open for elections at the Spring Meeting. Dave Sharp has noted that he will stay on and that Mike Fillion wishes to move on.

Frank to prepare notice regarding upcoming positions for email blast.

  • 1 supplier (names noted were Cameron & Noel)
  • 3 municipal (names noted were: Bill Barr (Guelph), Paul (Port Colborne), Scott (Oxford County), Jim Thompson (St. Catharines) & Mike Fortier (Welland)
  • 1 safety (name noted was Eddie (Caledon))
11) Fall Show Andre was noted as Chair for the upcoming fall show.
12) Action Items Please refer to notes above for all action items.


1) Next Meeting Next meeting will be held at the Waterloo Inn on March 19th. Details and agenda to follow.
2) New Business Don Miller identified that MEOA requires a storage area for all of our items. All members with MEOA items are to take and inventory of what we have and potentially what storage space is required.

To the surprise of the group, Ray indicated that he has submitted his retirement notice to the City of Brantford as of Dec 31, 2015. Ray put forth to the committee’s any concerns surrounding his upcoming 2015 Presidency if he was not employed by a municipal entity as of Dec 31, 2015. The committee as a whole was more than comfortable to identify issues at the time of Ray’s retirement and if necessary incoming President, Rick Ellig, would assume more responsibilities.

Ray also identified that his charity of choice for his 2015 Presidency will be the Donkey Sanctuary located in Cambridge.

3) Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:15

Motioned By: Mike Fillion, Seconded By: Ray Klochnyk, Carried

4) Museum Tour Rick coordinated to have the group be given a guided tour of the museum. There are many interesting pieces in the museum that reflects the City of Kitchener and the history that surrounds it. The group found this very interesting. Thanks Rick.

Next Meeting

Scheduled Date: March 19th – Waterloo Motor Inn, Waterloo, Ontario