October – 2016

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Rick Ellig
Date October 13, 2016

Welland Community Wellness Centre, Welland, Ontario


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Rick Ellig President ü   
Ray Klochnyk Past President ü


Jim Thompson Vice President ü   
Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Mike Fortier Municipal Director   ü  
Bill Barr Municipal Director    ü
Scott Boughner Municipal Director ü  
Andre Boutin Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director   ü     
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing     ü
Bill Greenhalgh Training & Compliance Director   ü
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator    ü
Frank Vanhie Field Trip Assistant   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes  

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved  
1 Audit Report to members at Spring Meeting intention to waive audit Rick/Don Spring Meeting    
   2016 PD Day E mail to tanks sponsors & gift donators Mike ASAP    
    Follow up outstanding cheques Diane ASAP    
3 2017 PD Day Print draw tickets for next year Ray Next Meeting       All ASAP  
    Send e mail to 2016 hole sponsors as per (6) Sept 22nd minutes Mike October 21       Mike ASAP  
    Location & ideas Co Chairs Next Meeting    
4 2016 Field Trip Promote trip registration All Prior to Oct 14    
    Send reminder trip promotion e mail Frank Prior to Oct 14    
    Check with Rick on attending Jim Prior to Oct 14    
    Check with Dwight on attending Mike Prior to Oct 14    
    Check with Paul on attending Cameron Prior to Oct 14    
    Plaques Frank ASAP    
5 2017 Field Trip Scott to follow up with Diane & book rooms Diane/Scott ASAP    
    Investigate air fare cost Diane ASAP    
    Prepare E mail to send to members Frank/Scott/Clare After Nov 10th    
6 Web Site  Report re possible Cvent replacements & costs Don/ Mike Born Next Meeting    
    Post new charity on site Diane ASAP    
7 Marketing & Membership Renew AORS advertisement Rick to confirm Diane/Rick ASAP    
    Newsletter Draft Diane Next Meeting    
    Send newsletter articles to Diane Those contributing OCT 21    
    Review PD registration for potential new members Diane/Dave ASAP    
    Review AORS membership list for potential new members Diane/Dave ASAP    
    Promotional postcard Diane/Dave ASAP    
    Add MEOA member endorsements to newsletter Diane ASAP    
    Prepare & post on web site Diane ASAP    
    Contact AORS re web site as per (10) in Sept 22 minutes Diane Prior to Oct 14    
    Diane & Dave to meet MEOA promotional ideas Diane ASAP    
8 2017 Fall Conference/Show Ideas & location Co Chairs Next Meeting    
    Check constitution for required changes Rick Next Meeting    
9 New Business Contact OESB Sept 22 minutes Cam December Meeting    
    Investigate electronic payment at event registration Sept 22 minutes   ASAP    
    Follow up with Bill re executive position Rick ASAP    




Notes, Decisions
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Ray Klochnyk at 9:25 A.M. As Rick Ellig was running late.


2) General Comments Rick arrived & thanked Mike Fortier for hosting the meeting.
3) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the September 22, 2016 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Mike Fortier

Seconded: Don Miller,  Carried


4) Treasurers Report Current bank balance  $12,122.90

Some checks have yet to be deposited including one from Colvoy Equipment in the amount of $4,000.00

Diane is chasing some still outstanding payments due from PD day.

Money is starting to come in from Field Trip registrations.                                  

Motion to accept: Andre Boutin

Seconded: Scott Boughner,  Carried

5) SUDEP Charity Photos from the PD day of the executive wearing the SUDEP tee shirts have been sent to Diane. Rick will follow up with Diane. 
6) 2016 P.D. Day Wrap Up



Mike is preparing a e mail to go out thanking this year’s sponsors & prize table gift contributors and also asking for their support for next year. There are still some outstanding payments and Diane is following them up.
7) 2016Fall Field Trip Currently 12 members have signed up and have paid. Additional members have expressed interest and it currently looks like the total number of those attending will be around 20. The ideal number would be around 25 but the trip will proceeded if the final registration is 20. Frank is asking the executive to promote the trip with anyone that they think may be a candidate to attend. Frank will send a trip reminder e mail out to the members. Jim will contact Rick from Niagara, Mike will contact Dwight from Port Colborne and Cam will contact Paul from Wellington County to see if they are interested in attending. Frank is looking after having the required plaques made up for sponsors.




8) Website Don has had some conversations with Daryl Baker but it is difficult to arrange a meeting as Daryl is only available evenings. Mike is ok with Wild Apricot but says it does have some limitations same as any alternate solution would. We could also consider going back to using X Cart or similar. Don will advise Mike to continue to investigate options & costs. Don will arrange with Mike to present to the executive at the November meeting. A final decision will be made at that time in order to have changes implemented and up and running by January 1st. Updates to the current web site are on hold until a Cvent replacement is in place.



9) 2017 Spring Meeting/Show Will be held in the fall this year because of potential spring Con Expo Field Trip. Co Chairs to research locations & dates and to report at November meeting. Constitution to be checked for any possible required addendum to allow reduction of events with combined show/conference & change of time for the event.
10) 2017 Field Trip Scott to follow with Diane re e mail sent out by her concerning rooms & show registration. Diane to proceed with booking rooms as per prior minutes. Goal is to notify members of trip plans via e mail after November 10th meeting so that they can start planning and obtain any required approvals to attend. If we cannot register for the show as a group without providing individual names then we may be able to register under Gradall, Federal Signal or APWA.        
11) 2017 PD Day Co chairs investigating dates and locations and will report back at the November meeting.
12) Marketing & Membership Diane is working on draft for MEOA promotional post card.

Diane is working on the news letter. Any who are contributing articles and who have not yet done so need to send them to her by October 21st.


12) Action Items Refer to action items above.


1) Presentation Topic Rick suggested that climate plans for municipality’s regarding green house gas may be a presentation topic for the Spring Meeting.
2) Executive Position Rick will talk to Bill Barr to see if he is going to be able to continue on the executive in view of his recent job change.
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:05 motion by Frank Vanhie seconded by Mike Fortier carried.



Next Meeting
Scheduled Date November 10, 2016 Elora (To Be Confirmed) 9:30 Start Time