December – 2016

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Rick Ellig
Date December 14, 2016

Taris On The Water, Welland, Ontario


Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Rick Ellig President ü   
Ray Klochnyk Past President ü


Jim Thompson Vice President ü   
Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Mike Fortier Municipal Director   ü  
Paul Peyton Municipal Director   ü  
Scott Boughner Municipal Director ü  
Andre Boutin Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director   ü     
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing   ü  
Bill Greenhalgh Training & Compliance Director ü
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Frank Vanhie Field Trip Assistant   ü  
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes  

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved  
1 Audit Report to members at Spring Meeting intention to waive audit Rick/Don Spring Meeting    
2 2016 PD Day Follow up outstanding cheques Diane ASAP    
3 2017 PD Day Send e mail to 2016 hole sponsors as per (6) Sept 22nd minutes Mike ASAP       Mike ASAP  
    Investigate “trick shot” entertainment  Ray ASAP            
4 2017 Spring Meeting/Fall Show Event name needs to be finalized All ASAP    
    Investigate availability of space for 70 booths Jim ASAP    
    Topics & Speakers, forward suggestions to Jim Thompson All ASAP    
    Visit site & check layout Jim/Cam ASAP    
    Check constitution for required changes Rick ASAP    
    E mail to suppliers re booking booths Jim/Cam ASAP    
    Look into hospitality suite Jim ASAP    
    Contact suppliers re “new to the industry” Jim/Cam ASAP    
5 2016 Field Trip Follow up sponsorship cheque Frank ASAP    
6 2017 Field Trip Confirm dates with Detroit Diesel & Eaton Clare ASAP    
    Investigate additional facility’s to tour including Chrysler Committee ASAP    
    Investigate tour of municipal facility Committee ASAP    
    Prepare E mail to send to members Frank/Scott/Clare ASAP    
7 Web Site Set up X Cart to replace Cvent Mike Born Prior to Dec. 31    
    Forward current contact information to Mike All ASAP    
    Provide 2017 event registration costs to Mike All ASAP    
    Provide draft e mail to Mike re 2017 membership renewal & change to x Cart Rick ASAP    
8 Marketing & Membership Investigate corporate membership for 2018 All For 2018    
    Final newsletter draft & send to out to members Diane Week of Dec 19th    
    Promotional postcard final draft & Save The Date final draft Diane ASAP    
    Prepare & post on web site Diane ASAP    
    Spring Meeting/Fall Show marketing on Jan Agenda Rick ASAP    
9 New Business Contact OESB Sept 22 minutes Cam January Meeting    
    Investigate electronic payment at event registration Sept 22 minutes Mike B ASAP    
    Follow up re Dican PD day gift Don ASAP    
    Follow up re Donkey Sanctuary tour Ray ASAP    
    Add constitution changes re Spring Meeting/Fall Show to January agenda Rick ASAP    
    Send MTO link to Mike B re class D licensing Andre ASAP    




Notes, Decisions    
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Rick Ellig at 9:30 A.M.


2) General Comments Rick offered condolences on behalf of the MEOA to Don Miller on the passing of his father. Don thanked the MEOA for the flowers that were sent. Rick welcomed Paul Peyton in his new executive position as Municipal Director & thanked him for volunteering.    
3) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the November 10, 2016 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Mike Fortier

Seconded: Bill Greenhalgh,  Carried


4) Treasurers Report Current bank balance $14,812.31. All cheques have been deposited. Outstanding cheques have not been written yet for approximately $7,500.00 for Fall Field Trip expenses. Don advised that he has negotiated a lower insurance rate prior yearly rate was $3, 755.16 and the 2017 rate is 3,164.30 resulting in a savings of $590.86. Insurance has not yet been paid. Don is estimated a year end bank balance of around $4,000.00.      
5) 2016 Fall Field Trip Frank advised that the trip was successful and that the participants provided positive feedback. Estimated profit is $2,000.00. Frank will follow up regarding the status of the $2,000.00 sponsorship cheque. Clare presented Diane form Dican with a MEOA plaque in appreciation of their sponsorship contribution. And Scott made the MEOA plaque presentation to Cam from Amico in appreciation of their sponsorship contribution. Frank asked if it would be appropriate to refund the paid trip registration fee to Dave Wilton from Stratford who had to cancel and was unable to attend the trip. Dave has not asked the MEOA for a refund & it was decided that none would be made. Report on the field trip will be added to the draft MEOA newsletter. Clare noted that Cherry Bus Lines were difficult to work with & that this should be considered when selection a bus company for future trips.     



6) Website Mike Born provided a overview of what he has done so far in setting up X Cart. Discussion followed with suggestions and questions for Mike. MEOA mailing address needs to be added. Contact information for executive needs to be added and executive members are to forward their latest contact information to Mike. Event name for the Spring Meeting/Fall Show needs to be reviewed and finalized. Mike requires a breakdown of what the 2017 event registration prices will be. Registration for show booth space to be added. In early January when membership renewal reminder’s are e mail out information on the change from Cvent to X Cart needs to be included in the e mail. Mike advised that members will need to sign up & register for the site as old passwords and user names will no longer work once the change is made to X Cart. Mike advised that the initial set cost to make the change to X Cart will be approximately 1,500.00 and then for the following 3-years any additional costs would be negligible.       


Motion made by Scott Boughner for Mike Born to proceed with implementation of X Cart as the replacement for Cvent

Seconded by: Diane Shirchenko, Carried


7) 2017 Spring Meeting/Fall Show Jim reported that the Notawasaga is now booked for Wednesday April 12th & Thursday April 13th 2017.  Cost is be 13,000.00 based on 140 people with lunch and space to accommodate (30) 10′ x 10′ booth’s. Don advised that we should have available enough space to accommodate 70 booths based on Prior Fall shows. Jim & Cam to visit site and check out layout and confirm if space for 70 booths is available. Booth registration fees set at $300.00 for each booth & registration fee to attend set at $150.00 each. Communication will need to be sent out to suppliers regarding registration for booth space. The new event name needs to be decided. A block of 80 rooms have been reserved for the 12th and the charge is $149.00. Those attending will need to pay separate for rooms. For Wednesday there will be tours etc of Viking. Those attending will meet at VCL at 9:30 a.m. and tours will start at 10:00 a.m. Viking will provide lunch for the group at 12:00 & then the group can leave at approximately 1:00 for the Notawasaga Inn. JJE will be providing tours of their facility & a BBQ. Bus to be arranged and will leave the Notawasaga Inn at 3:00 to travel to JJE. Jim will investigate the possibility of a hospitality suite at the Notawasaga Inn for Wednesday evening after the group returns from JJE. Speakers will be required for the Thursday and the following suggestions were made and will be investigated. E3 Fleet Rating & Electrical safety Board. It was decided that we will do a “new to the industry” session. Suppliers will be invited to submit proposed presentations at a cost of $500.00 and the executive will select from the submissions those that are appropriate. The executive is to forward any additional presentation ideas or suggestions to Jim. Suppliers members will be invited to provide sponsorship for the meeting at a cost of  $250.00. Sponsorship money will help offset the costs of coffee breaks, hospitality suite, etc.    
8) 2017 Field Trip Clare has spoken to Stan Crew regarding a Detroit Diesel tour and also to Brent Talbot regarding a Eaton tour. They are interested in participating and Clare needs to get back to them with firm dates. It was decided that the trip dates will be Sunday October 1st to Thursday October 5th. Clare will advise Stan & Brent. Possible additional destinations could be Chrysler, Ford and the Ford Museum. Clare will investigate & Frank will provide Clare with a contact for Chrysler. A tour will also need to be arranged for a Municipal facility tour in the area and possibilities will be investigated.         
9) 2017 PD Day No current updates. Ray will investigate regarding possible entertainment by a “trick shot golfer” that he is aware of.        
10) Marketing & Membership Don suggested that we should look at a corporate membership fee that would allow for registration of multiple members for one charge. It was agreed that this should be investigated.

Motion made by Don Miller to raise membership fees for 2017 to $75.00 and to investigate a corporate membership fee for 2018.

Seconded by: Andre Boutin, Carried

Membership fees for affiliate members for 2017 will be $25.00.

Motion made by Mike Fortier to have Mike Born add affiliate membership and all event registrations to X Cart except for the 2017 filed trip. 

Seconded by: Don Miller, Carried

Diane presented draft of MEOA promotional post card. The post card was discussed and changes suggested. Diane will revise as required & send out final draft for comments. Diane also presented a draft of the save the date flyer for comments & discussion. Diane will complete revisions & forward final draft for review. Diane will send out the newsletter draft for final comments and then send to membership next week. Suggestion was made to investigate industry events that the MEOA could attend with our booth for promotion of MEOA membership. Marketing for the Spring Meeting/Fall Trade Show to be added to the January agenda for discussion.  




11) Safety Update Bill advised that the OTA is preparing a report on the curriculum for the driver certification program for class D licensing.         
12) Action Items Refer to action items above.    


  Ray passed out copies of the applicable pages of the  MEOA constitution with required changes noted regarding the Spring Meeting/Fall Show. Rick to add to agenda for the January meeting.       
  Frank suggested that job postings on the MEOA web site should also be e mailed out to the members as done in the past.

Motion made by Don Miller to e mail job postings out to the MEOA membership and to raise the job posting charge to 4125.00 for 2017.

Seconded by: Bill Greenhalgh, Carried

  Frank advised that Jason Evans from The City Of Burlington has expressed interest in becoming a MEOA member.    
  Andre advised that there is new information available from MTO on road building machinery licensing. Andre will send to Mike Born and Mike will forward the link to the membership.         
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 1:00 motion by Jim Thompson seconded by Cor Bultena carried.    



Next Meeting
Scheduled Date January 12, 2016 Cambridge 9:30 Start Time