January – 2017

Subject MEOA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Chair Person Rick Ellig
Date January 12, 2017

Region Of Waterloo, Cambridge, Ontario



Executive Present Position Attended Regrets
Rick Ellig President ü   
Ray Klochnyk Past President ü


Jim Thompson Vice President ü   
Don Miller Treasurer   ü  
Dave Sharp Secretary ü  
Mike Fortier Municipal Director   ü  
Paul Peyton Municipal Director   ü  
Scott Boughner Municipal Director ü  
Andre Boutin Supplier Director ü  
Cor Bultena Supplier Director       ü
Cameron MacRae Supplier Director   ü  
Diane Shirchenko Communications & Marketing    ü
Bill Greenhalgh Training & Compliance Director   ü
Clare Pomeroy Field Trip Coordinator   ü  
Frank Vanhie Field Trip Assistant   ü  
Mike Born I.T. Coordinator   ü  


Action Items Arising From The Minutes  

Item #

Action Required Comments


Target Date Date Resolved  
1 Audit Report to members at Spring Meeting intention to waive audit Rick/Don Spring Meeting    
2 PD Day Lunch sponsor Mike ASAP       Mike ASAP  
    Investigate “trick shot” entertainment  Ray ASAP            
    Draw prize budget & gifts Committee ASAP            
    Make up handouts Committee ASAP            
    Registration gift Ray ASAP            
    50/50 Tickets Ray ASAP            
3 Spring Meeting/Fall Show Review ledger & prepare member report  Ray/Jim/Don/


    Book & arrange hospitality room Jim/Cam ASAP    
    Topics & Speakers, forward suggestions to Jim Thompson All ASAP    
    Check constitution for required changes Rick Next Meeting    
    E mail to suppliers re booking booths Jim/Cam ASAP    
    Prepare  budget Jim ASAP    
    Prepare draft meeting agenda Jim ASAP    
    Check re draperies Jim ASAP    
    Confirm final layout with the Notawasaga Jim ASAP    
    Contact suppliers re “new to the industry” and select presenters Jim/Cam ASAP    
    Event photos Ray During Event    
    Post on web site, no outside equipment displays allowed Mike ASAP    
4 Field Trip Confirm dates & details with Detroit Diesel   Clare ASAP    
    Investigate additional facility’s to tour including Chrysler Committee ASAP    
    Investigate tour of City of Detroit municipal facility Don ASAP    
    Prepare E mail to send to members Frank/Scott/Clare ASAP    
    Prepare trip agenda & budget costs Committee ASAP    
5 Web Site Prior to event’s confirmation attendance e mails


Mike Prior to each event    
    Forward current contact information to Mike


All ASAP    
    Send link for new web site registration Mike ASAP    
    Provide draft e mail to Mike re 2017 membership renewal & change to x Cart Rick ASAP    
    Send spring conference/show summery to Mike Jim By Dec 23 2016    
    Send PD day summery to Mike Mike F By Dec 23 2016    
    Post refund/cancelation policy on web site Mike ASAP    
    Set up executive area on web site Mike ASAP    
    Send 2016 minutes to Mike Dave ASAP    
    Remove meeting agendas from web site Mike ASAP    
6 Marketing & Membership Investigate corporate membership for 2018 All For 2018    
    Final newsletter draft & send to out to members Diane Week of Dec 19th    
    Promotional postcard final draft & Save The Date final draft Diane ASAP    
    Prepare & post on web site Diane ASAP    
    Spring Meeting/Fall Show marketing on Jan Agenda Rick ASAP    
7 New Business Replacements for outgoing executive All ASAP    
    Investigate electronic payment at event registration Sept 22 minutes Mike B ASAP    
    Follow up re Dican PD day gift Don ASAP    
    Follow up re Donkey Sanctuary tour Ray Spring    
    Add constitution changes re Spring Meeting/Fall Show to January agenda Rick Next Meeting    




Notes, Decisions    
1) Call To Order Meeting called to order by Rick Ellig at 9:30 A.M.    
2) General Comments None    
3) Approval Of Minutes The minutes from the December 14, 2016 executive meeting were read and adopted.

Motion to accept: Scott Boughner

Seconded: Andre Boutin,  Carried

4) Treasurers Report December 31st. 2016 balance, $13,807.42. Current outstanding cheque’s in the amount of 440.00.


Year end reconciled balance, 14,247.42


2016 Event Breakdown:

Spring Show/Conference, $10,753.22 Loss

PD Day, $8,151.81 Profit

Fall Field Trip, $3,008.27 Profit

2016 event profit of $406.86

Plus HST refund due in the amount of $90.93

Total 2016 Event Profit $497.79


Total 2016 Revenue, $170,334.66

Total 2016 Expenses,$176,534.75

Total 2016 Loss of $6,200.09


Ray, Jim, Don & Rick will review current process and general ledger and will prepare proposal for the AGM. Insurance will be paid in 2017. Don advised that there will be savings in 2017 because we will no longer be making payments to Cvent.


Motion to accept: Scott Boughner, Seconded: Andre Boutin,  Carried   

5) Spring Conference And Trade Show Jim & Cam have met at The Notawasaga Inn. They have changed the space to one large room that can accommodate up to 70 booths. Additional cost will be $1,400.00. The meetings, trade show & lunch now will all be in one room. To save money the MEOA will book & stock a hospitality room rather than arrange it through the Inn. Estimate for total cost for the event is $15,000.00. Any suppliers who are selected for “New To The Industry” presentations will be charged $250.00 as per the standard meeting sponsorship fee plus a additional $250.00 for the presentation. maximum 15 minutes to be allowed for each “New To The Industry Presentation”. The show committee will select the final “New To The Industry” presenters from submissions that are received. The meeting schedule will allot 45 minutes for MEOA business. Eight A.M. start time to be advertised but we will plan for a actual meeting start time of 8:15. Jim will complete a estimated event budget and will prepare a draft agenda. Ray will take photos at the event that will be posted to the web site. For suppliers who are booking booths the booth registration fee will include one event registration. So suppliers who are planning on having more than one person staffing their booth will need to register and pay the event fee for each additional person. Mike Born requires the show information so that he can add it to the web site. Jim will confirm the final show plan layout with the Nottawasaga Inn.

Jim will also check on availability of drapery that will be required for any booths that are back to back and will report back on cost. The March 23rd executive meeting will be held at the Notawasaga Inn so that the executive can review the site. Draw for supplier gift donations & for MEOA gifts will be held at the end of the day. No equipment displays will be allowed in the Parking lot and this will be posted on the web site so that suppliers are aware.      


6) PD Day Steak dinner has been selected and based on that selection total cost for each golfer will $80.00. Registration fee will be $135.00.  Guest non member registration fee is $165.00. Mike Fortier will speak to Dican to see if they are interested in sponsoring lunch. The committee will set the budget for door prize draw gifts and will look after purchasing the gifts. Hole sponsorship fee is $150.00 and a goal has been set for 40 hole sponsors. The hand out needs to be made up. The budget for the registration gift is $35.00 maximum each and Ray will investigate choices. Ray is going to look after ordering the tickets for the 50/50 draw.    No current updates. Ray will investigate regarding possible entertainment by a “trick shot golfer” that he is aware of.   
7) Website All In One registration is now set up on the web site. Before each event a e mail will be sent out to those that have completed All In One registrations to confirm attendance at the event so that we will have a list of those that will be attending each event. All those registering for events must First be MEOA members except for the PD Day. Guest registration is available for PD day at higher cost as per #6 PD Day above. Mike Born will send out a link to create a account and register on the new web site. Mike Born needs event summary’s for the web site by the end of next week. Jim will send Mike the Spring Conference/Show summery & Mike Fortier will send Mike Born the PD Day summery. Don Miller advised that a refund cancelation policy is legally required and must be posted on the web site. Don circulated a proposed draft policy for discussion.

Motion made by Don Miller to accept the draft refund cancelation policy.

Seconded by Rick Ellig, Carried.

Mike Born will set up a executive area on the web site. Once executive meeting minutes are approved Dave will send them to Mike and Mike will post them to the executive section of the web site. Dave will also send all of the approved 2016 executive meeting minutes to Mike for posting. Mike Born will remove executive meeting agendas from the web site as they are not required.


8) Marketing & Membership Marketing & promotion of The Spring Show/Conference to be moved to the agenda for the February executive meeting.    
9) Field Trip Clare advised that Detroit Diesel have agreed to host a dinner & plant tour but that that they will not contribute to room cost’s. Clare will confirm the details with Stan Krug from Team truck Centre. Eaton have supplied Clare with a agenda for October 3rd. They will be providing a plant tour and will sponsor hotel rooms based on double occupancy. Eaton will also host breakfast, lunch & dinner for the group. Clare has contacted Chrysler in Windsor regarding a possible plant tour & is waiting to hear back. The MEOA will need to cover costs for the bus & 2 nights’ accommodation. A City facility tour has not yet been arranged. Don Miller will check with a contact at The City Of Detroit to see if they would be interested in arranging a City facility tour. Cam suggested that tours of Ford Field and or Little Caesars Arena might be able to be arranged. The committee is working on trip details, agenda and budget costs including bus travel.          
10) Constitution Edits Moved to agenda for next meeting    
11) Safety Update No report as Bill is absent from the meeting.         
12) Action Items






Refer to action items above.    


  Cam reminded the executive that the OESB has offered the opportunity of hosting Health & Safety Training. Cam suggested that this could be a opportunity for a source of potential income for the MEOA.         
  Paul volunteered to help Mike with PD day event planning.    
  Frank advised that replacements for outgoing MEOA executive will need to be elected at the Spring Conference/Show. Outgoing executive members are Ray, Mike Fortier, Cam, Andre and Bill Barr. Frank suggested that the executive start thinking about who would be willing to stand for nomination.     
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:25 motion by Jim Thompson seconded by Mike Fortier carried.    



Next Meeting
Scheduled Date February 21, 2017 St. Catharines 9:30 Start Time